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What is the difference between Rogers 3010 and 3006 boards?

June 27,2024

What is the distinction between Rogers 3010 and 3006 boards?

In regards to gadgets Xinchenger Electronic electronic two used printed circuit boards (PCB) are the Rogers 3010 and 3006. These are materials used to create the base for electronic circuits, and their properties affect the performance of the circuit  entire. Here , we will help you understand the difference between the two PCBs and the way they can benefit you.


The Rogers 3010 is famous for its performance  excellent in applications. It offers low dielectric loss, meaning it is highly efficient in regards to energy transfer and minimizes signal loss  unwanted. The Rogers 3006 has outgassing  low low dampness absorption, solid resistance to high temperatures, and exemplary thermal conductivity on the more hand. Both these boards are made using the PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) glass composites, are RoHS compliant, and halogen-free.


Both rogers pcb 3010 and 3006 are innovative inclusions in the industry of electronic gadgets. They are used a lot in high-frequency designs such as satellite communication systems, power amplifiers, mobile micro-cell base stations, and filters that want low dielectric constant and loss factors.

More over, these PCBs are used in radio frequencies (RF) and communication  wireless because their faculties are ideal for material stability and performance  electrical. These boards are designed to provide better performance  electrical efficiency  improved and a high level of thermal stability, also in harsh environmental conditions.

RO3010 2.png


The Rogers 3010 and 3006 are extremely PCB  safe because they are halogen-free and RoHS compliant. There are no toxic substances in the manufacturing among these Rogers pcb board PCBs, which produces them a safer option for electronic circuits whenever interaction that was human involved.


The Rogers 3010 and 3006 are standard materials used to make different types of electronic gadget applications. These PCBs are essential parts of almost all devices that need high-frequency and aspects  low-loss.

How to use?

The installation process of a PCB is a complicated procedure that requires qualified personnel to guarantee safety and performance  optimal. Proper handling of the PCB requires care, awareness, and experience in the industry. 


Rogers 3010 and 3006 PCBs offering reliable service because of these performance  exceptional and in the long run. They can withstand harsh environmental changes, including temperature, humidity, and exposure  outdoor.


The Rogers 3010 and 3006 PCBs are made premium  using and innovative techniques to ensure quality performance. There are informative standards and regulations governing the quality control of those PCBs, which ensures customer safety and satisfaction.


The rogers circuit board 3010 and 3006 are applied to a range  broad of gadgets for different purposes. These two PCBs have properties that fit the demands of high-frequency and applications  high-temperature.

3006 2.png

The Rogers 3010 and 3006 PCBs are essential components of electronic circuits that need high frequency, low dielectric constant, and loss factors. They are widely used in correspondence systems, aerospace, and devices  medical and others.

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