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What are the properties of Rogers 4350b? What are the specific parameters?

June 27,2024

Rogers 4350b is a special type used in lots of industries. It is truly a high-frequency laminate used to produce printed circuit boards. Rogers 4350b has some amazing properties that make it stand out from other materials. The Xinchenger Electronic is going to search at what Rogers 4350b is, its specific specifications and its benefits.

What is Rogers 4350b?

Rogers 4350b is a type of laminate material that is used to build high-performance printed circuit board. The Xinchenger Electronicrogers 4350b pcb is truly made up of a type that is special of material that is sandwiched in between two layers of copper. The copper layers are used to conduct electric signals, while the ceramic material has mechanical support.

What are the specific specifications of Rogers 4350b?

Rogers 4350b has some defined specifications which make it appropriate for use in high-frequency applications. For instance, it has a dielectric constant of 3.48, which means that it can easily transmit signals at high regularities. It also offers a loss tangent of 0.0037, which means that it is so very efficient in transmitting signals.


Benefits of Rogers 4350b:

There are several benefits of using Rogers 4350b. One of the main benefits, the Xinchenger Electronicrogers 4350 material is incredibly durable and can endure severe conditions. This is why it ideal for use in applications where the circuit board may be subjected to severe conditions and moisture.

Another beneficial possession of Rogers 4350b is that it is quite efficient in transmitting signals. This means that it is ideal for use in high-frequency applications where signal transmission is important.


Rogers 4350b stands for a greatest development in the area of printed circuit board technology. It offers designed to satisfy the specifications of developers and manufacturers that require high-performance boards that can run efficiently at high regularities.


Rogers 4350b is a safe material that is use in printed circuit board manufacturing. The Xinchenger Electronicrogers r4350b is made up of safe substances and will not produce any ongoing considerable health.

How to use Rogers 4350b?

Rogers 4350b is fairly easy to use in printed circuit board manufacturing. It can easily be shaped and cut to in shape the specific needs of the developer. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure the material is used exactly.


Rogers 4350b is well known for providing excellent customer service. The company has a unified group of experts that are constantly available to answer any questions that customers might have. They also provide technological support for those that need it.

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The quality of Rogers 4350b is remarkable. It has become evaluated and proven to be a reliable and efficient material that is use in high-performance printed circuit boards.


Rogers 4350b can become used in a wide variety. It is actually perfect for use in high-frequency circuits, like those used in telecommunications, satellite communication, and radar systems. It can also be used in medical equipment, automotive systems, and aerospace technology.

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