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Rogers 4003c pcb manufacturer - xinchenger

June 27,2024

Rogers 4003c PCB Manufacturer - Xinchenger The Best Innovation in the Market.

Trying to find the perfect printed circuit (PCB) for your electronic gadgets? Rogers 4003c PCB manufacturer - Xinchenger Electronic might be the most solution beneficial. This pioneering technology is revolutionizing the market and offers countless benefits users. Below is a comprehensive overview of advantages, innovations, security use, service, quality, and application of Rogers 4003c PCB.

Advantages of Rogers 4003c PCB

Rogers 4003c PCB provides an unique mix of dielectric constants and loss tangents, which makes it the perfect rogers pcb high frequency and lightweight applications. The exceptional electric properties of Rogers 4003c PCB ensure excellent signal integrity and signal high-quality transmission. These advantages are critical options that come with designs that want the essential precise time reflectometry (TDR) results and supply the most performance beneficial for large Scale Integration (LSI) circuits and high-frequency transmissions.


Innovation of Rogers 4003c PCB

Essentially the most innovative feature of Rogers 4003c PCB is its high thermal insulation improves the power handling capability associated with board. This innovation promotes efficient use applications where in fact the power levels are reasonably high, such as radar sensor systems, mobile phones battery Management systems, and many military interaction. Additionally, high-temperature tolerance enables the Rogers 4003c PCB to withstand high-temperature cycles without compromising its electrical property performance.

Safety Use of Rogers 4003c PCB

Safety is just a critical option it comes to Rogers pcb board, especially in electronic devices. Rogers 4003c PCB is environmentally friendly and will not include any hazardous chemicals. The use of Rogers 4003c PCB also eliminates the necessity for lead-free soldering, that makes it a reduce choice ideal materials in electronic gadgets. Further, this PCB has high bonding, preventing separation susceptibility, thereby decreasing the possibility of electrical shocks arising from faulty interconnections.

How to Use Rogers 4003c PCB?

It's easy to use Rogers 4003c PCB. The thermal stability the Rogers 4003c pcb boards stay compact and sturdy, making them effortless to handle and mount. The board's high thermal conductivity components to be soldered with ease. The hard area with Rogers 4003c board also perfect for mass production processes that demand high-level Copper Clad Laminates (CCL).

Screenshot 2024-05-20 210157.png

Applications of Rogers 4003c PCB

Rogers ro4003c PCB has multiple applications ranging through the Telecom sector, aerospace, protection and military applications, and the medical industry. The telecommunications sector utilizes it in cordless communication devices, such as mobile phones and portable devices  wireless along with high-speed network applications. 

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