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Taconic PCB

Taconic PCB

Number of layers: 2 layers

Board thickness: 0.78 mm

Size: 580 * 100 mm

Surface treatment: lead-free tin spraying

Finished copper thickness: 1oz

Minimum hole diameter: 0.7 mm

Plate Used: Taconic TLX-9


Taconic TLX-9 is a special PCB board made in the USA. The characteristics of this board are light weight, good waterproof and fireproof performance, high heat resistance and strength, in addition to a more characteristic non-stick.

As a kind of high frequency high-speed board, Taconic dielectric constant value range, can reach from 2.10 to 10.0, its dielectric loss is relatively low, because of this advantage in the field of antenna application is more widely used. Taconic board is a kind of high-performance insulating material, can be used in positioning systems, antenna systems, radar systems and various power amplifiers and other fields.

There are many different types of Taconic sheets, such as TLX series, TLY series, LCAM series, RF series and so on. The characteristics and parameters of each series are different, and therefore the applications will be different.


A. Taconic Sheet Characteristics:

  1. a, Taconic is an organic ceramic laminate in Taconic product ORCER;
  2. b, It is a fiberglass cloth-based reinforced glass material that combines Taconic ceramic-filled technology with fiberglass-coated PTFE technology;
  3. c, It is the best choice for low-cost, high-volume commercial microwave and radio frequency applications;
  4. d, 1/20Z and 10Z copper-clad boards have excellent peel strength even with standard epoxy materials and are readily available for rework;
  5. e, RF's glass transition temperature - 35, over 315°C;
  6. f, Taconic 's ultra-low absorption and low loss factor minimizes phase shift over the frequency range;
  7. g, Dimensional stability Taconic is due to the use of glass fiber cloth in its design development;
  8. h, Taconic lamination materials, generally using single-sided or double-sided 1/20Z, 10Z and 20Z thickness of electrolyte copper foil. Different sizes of sheets are available upon request.


B. Taconic PCB Features

  1. a, long antenna size (102 inches or 2591 mm).
  2. b, Low loss (0.0009 @ 10GHz).
  3. c, Stable dielectric constant (+/- 0.02).
  4. d, Good copper surface flatness (0.0015 mm).
  5. e, Strong adhesion (> 10 lb/in).
  6. f, Use of smooth copper (rolled copper).
  7. g, Inverted copper skin to improve and enhance PIM 8.
  8. h, Very low PCB water absorption.
  9. i, Most products are NASA Aerospace Grade Certified 10.
  10. j, PCB are low cost and fast delivery.

C. Application Areas:

  1. a, Power amplifier;.
  2. b, Filters and connectors.
  3. c, Passive components.


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