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Rogers PCB

RT/duroid 5870 Laminates PCB

Dk is 2.33 +/- .02

Loss factor 0.0012 at 10GHz

Low hygroscopicity



Reinforced PTFE material provides lowest electrical losses;

Easily cut, share and machine to shape;

Resistant to solvents and reagents used in etching or plating edges and holes;

Ideal for high humidity environments;

perfect material;

Uniform electrical characteristics over a wide frequency range.


RT/duroid 5870 Laminates is a high-performance high-frequency circuit material produced by Rogers Corporation. It is a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) composite material and is reinforced with microglass fibers. This laminate is designed for high-precision stripline and microstrip circuit applications in areas where reliability is critical, such as aerospace.

Here are some key features and parameters of RT/duroid 5870 laminate:

Low Dielectric Constant: 

Features a low dielectric constant (Dk) of 2.33±0.02, which helps provide excellent high-frequency performance.

Loss Factor: 

At a frequency of 10GHz, the loss factor (Df) is 0.0012, which indicates that the material has extremely low electrical losses.

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 

It has a low thermal expansion coefficient, and the XYZ axis coefficients are 23/25/37 ppm/℃ respectively, which helps to maintain dimensional stability at different temperatures.

Water Absorption: 

Low water absorption of 0.02% helps maintain performance in humid environments.

Fire Rating: 

Reaches UL 94V-0 fire rating, suitable for applications with higher safety requirements.

Chemical Resistance: 

Excellent resistance to solvents and reagents commonly used to etch printed circuit boards or plate edges and holes.

Processing and Shaping: 

The material is easy to cut, shear and machine into shape.

Electrical and Mechanical Properties: 

Provides consistent electrical properties and good mechanical properties, suitable for applications over a wide frequency range.

Application Areas: 

Typical applications include commercial aviation broadband antennas, microstrip and stripline circuits, millimeter wave applications, military radar systems, missile guidance systems, and point-to-point digital radio antennas.


Available As: 

Typically supplied as laminate with electroplated copper ranging in weight from ½ oz to 2 oz/sq ft (8 to 70 microns), or electrolytic copper foil reversed on both sides.

Dielectric Constant Uniformity: 

RT/duroid 5870 Laminates exhibit excellent dielectric constant uniformity due to the randomly oriented microglass fibers in the material.

Frequency Range: 

The low loss factor makes this material not only suitable for high-frequency applications, but also can be extended to Ku band and above.

Processing and Shaping: 

Laminates are easily cut, sheared and machined into shape for precise stripline and microstrip circuit applications.

Chemical Resistance: 

Good resistance to various solutions and reagents (both hot and cold) commonly used in etching or plating processes.

Availability Options: 

RT/duroid 5870 is typically supplied as a laminate with electrodeposited copper in weights ranging from ½ ounce to 2 ounces per square foot. In addition, you can also choose reverse-processed electrolytic copper foil or rolled copper foil according to your needs.

Thickness and Size: 

A variety of thickness and board size options are available to meet the needs of different designs and applications.

Electrical Properties: 

Has the lowest electrical losses, which is a big advantage for reinforced PTFE materials.

Environmental Suitability: 

Due to low water absorption and good chemical resistance, RT/duroid 5870 Laminates are well suited for high humidity environments.

Mature Material: 

As a very mature material, it maintains consistent electrical properties over a wide frequency range.

Application Examples: 

In addition to the previously mentioned applications, RT/duroid 5870 Laminates can be used in other high-performance RF and microwave circuits, particularly in applications requiring low dielectric constant and low losses.

These properties make RT/duroid 5870 Laminates one of the preferred materials when designing complex microwave structures and high-frequency circuits, especially in applications with stringent electrical performance requirements.


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