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Rogers RO5880 PCB

Dielectric constant (Dk): 2.20 ± 0.02

Dissipation Factor (Df): 0.0009 @ 10GHz

Moisture absorption rate: as low as 0.02%

Thermal expansion coefficient: Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient is 40 ppm/°C

5880LZ laminate, low density of 1.4 gm/cm³


Rogers RT/duroid® 5880 is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiberglass reinforced material optimized for high frequency circuit design. Here are some key parameters and properties of the material:

Dielectric constant (Dk): 2.20 ± 0.02

This parameter indicates that RT/duroid® 5880 has one of the lowest dielectric constants among similar materials, helping to reduce delays in signal transmission and improve circuit performance.

Dissipation Factor (Df): 0.0009 @ 10GHz

A low loss factor means the material has very little signal loss in high-frequency applications, which is critical to maintaining signal integrity.

Moisture absorption rate: as low as 0.02%

The extremely low moisture absorption rate makes RT/duroid® 5880 very suitable for use in high humidity environments, maintaining circuit reliability.


The material's electrical properties remain consistent in all directions, which is important for accurate circuit design and manufacturing.

Processing Performance:

RT/duroid® 5880 is easy to cut and form to accommodate the specific PCB shape requirements in high frequency applications.

Chemical Resistance:

The material is resistant to solvents and reagents, whether cold or hot, used during etching or plating processes.

Supported Frequency Range:

The signal frequency that can be supported can reach Ku band or even higher, suitable for high-frequency and wide-band applications.

Thermal Expansion Coefficient:

The Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient is 40 ppm/°C, which helps maintain the board’s dimensional stability under temperature changes.


For RT/duroid® 5880LZ laminate, the density is low at 1.4 gm/cm³, which makes it advantageous in applications where circuit weight is sensitive.

Electrodeposited Copper Compatibility:

The thickness of electrodeposited copper supported by RT/duroid® 5880 is 8~70um, which is suitable for the manufacturing of fine circuit features.


Application Areas:

Suitable for commercial aviation telephone circuits, microstrip and stripline circuits, millimeter wave applications, military radar systems, missile guidance systems, point-to-point digital radio antennas, etc.

Low-density Lightweight Material: 

Especially the RT/duroid® 5880LZ version, which incorporates unique fillers to form a low-density lightweight material suitable for applications that have strict requirements on circuit weight.

Z-axis Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 

40 ppm/°C, which helps maintain the dimensional stability of the circuit board at different temperatures, which is especially important for precision circuit design.

Consistency of Electrical Performance: 

Maintaining consistent electrical characteristics over a wide frequency range is very important for high frequency and broadband applications.

Resistant to Etching and Plating Solutions: 

RT/duroid® 5880 has good resistance to a variety of solutions and reagents commonly used in etching or plating processes, whether cold or hot.

Lead-free Process Compatibility: 

Meets the lead-free process standards of modern electronic manufacturing.

Easy to Process: 

RT/duroid® 5880 laminate is easy to cut and shape, making it suitable for manufacturing circuit boards of various shapes.

Data Sheet: Rogers Corporation provides a detailed data sheet that contains detailed technical information for RT/duroid® 5880 laminate, including electrical properties, physical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, etc.

Environmental Adaptability: 

Due to its low moisture absorption and chemical resistance, RT/duroid® 5880 laminate is suitable for a variety of environmental conditions, including high humidity environments.

High-frequency Applications: 

RT/duroid® 5880 laminate is particularly suitable for high-frequency applications, such as millimeter wave communications, radar systems, etc.

Design Flexibility: 

Due to its isotropic properties, RT/duroid® 5880 laminate can be used to design complex circuit layouts without affecting circuit performance.

These characteristics make RT/duroid® 5880 laminate the material of choice for many high-performance circuit designs. RT/duroid® 5880 laminate is also one of the main boards that our company has in stock all year round. Welcome to inquire about customization.


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