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Rogers PCB

Rogers RO4350B PCB

Thickness: 1mm

Number of layers: 4 layers

Dielectric constant :3.5

Loss Factor: 0.0039(1 MH), 0.0009(10 GHz)

Dielectric thickness: 0.762mm Tg: >280

Td: 392

Flame retardant grade: V-0

Thermal Conductivity: 0.69w/m.k


Rogers R04350B is a hydrocarbon/ceramic laminate with a dielectric constant of 3.48. It meets the requirements of commercial grade equipment manufacturers for printed circuit boards.

Advantages include.

a, Low RF loss;

b, Low dielectric constant fluctuation with temperature;

c, Low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient;

d, Low in-board expansion coefficient;

e, Low dielectric constant tolerance;

f, Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies;

g, Easy mass production and multi-layer mixing and pressing of FR4, cost-effective.

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Applications: Cellular base station antennas and power amplifiers, microwave point-to-point connections (P2P), automotive and sensors, radio frequency identification (RFID) for live satellites.

Dielectric Constant: Er= 3480.004" (0.101mm) , 0.06' (.168mm) , 0.010" (025mm) , 0.0133" (0.338mm) , 0.016" (22mm) , 0.020" (0.508mm) , 0.030" (0.030mm) , 0.030" (0.508mm) , 0.030" (0.508mm) , 0.030" (0.508mm) 0.030in (0.762mm) , 006in (1.52mm) 12in x 18in 35x457mm) 24 "x18"610x457mm) 24'x36 (610x915mm)


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