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Rogers RO4350B High Frequency PCB

Board Material: Rogers 4350;

Material Layer: 2 Layer;

Rogers 4350 Dielectric Thickness: 0.254-1.524mm;

Processing Size : 600 * 1200mm ;

Plate Thickness : 0.1-10mm ;

The company is equipped with cutting equipment, printing equipment, bonding equipment, etching equipment, and testing equipment.

The company has domestic and imported high frequency plates all year round, including Rogers, Taconic, Isola, F4B, TP-2, FR4, etc., with complete models.


A. Rogers RO4350 high frequency sheet has the characteristics:

Rogers RO4350 high frequency sheet of dielectric constant (Dk: 3.48 + / - 0.05) with strict tolerance control, while low-loss characteristics (Df: 0.0037 10GHz), easy to mass-produce CAF impedance (resistance to ionic mobility), RO4350 processing can be the same as standard epoxy resin / glass cloth.

Rogers RO4350 high frequency board is fully compatible with traditional PCB manufacturing technology, do not need to do through-hole copper-plated special pre-treatment (PTFE plates need to do plasma treatment) or other pre-treatment process, solder resist process can also be milled board. Compared with traditional microwave materials laminate price is lower, so widely used in active devices and high power RF design requires fire rating UL 94V-0.

Rogers RO4350 high frequency board material is a proprietary textile glass cloth reinforced ceramic filler material/hydrocarbon composite, both PTFE/glass cloth material electrical properties and epoxy resin/glass cloth processability.

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B. Rogers RO4350 sheet has the following characteristics.

  1. a, Low RF loss: Df:0.0037 10GHz;
  2. b, Low dielectric constant: Dk:3.48+/-0.05 and fluctuation with temperature;
  3. c, Low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion: 32 ppm/°C;
  4. d, Low in-plate expansion coefficient;
  5. e, Low dielectric constant tolerance;
  6. f, Excellent dimensional stability;
  7. g, Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies;
  8. h, Processing similar to FR-4, and easy to mass production and multi-layer mixing and pressing of FR4, so it has a great price competitive advantage;
  9. i, Xinzhenger regular stock Rogers RO4350 high frequency board material thickness: 4mil; 6.6mil; 10mil; 13.3mil; 16.6mil; 20mil; 30mil; 60mil.


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