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Rogers RO3006 Circuit Boards

Dk of 6.15 +/- .15

Dissipation factor of 0.0020 at 10GHz

Low X-, Y- and Z-axis CTE of 17, 17 and 24 ppm/°C, respectively


RO3006 advanced circuit materials have a stable dielectric constant (Dk) over a range of temperatures. This stability eliminates the step change in Dk that occurs in PTFE glass materials near room temperature.

Uniform mechanical properties with other RO3000™ series laminates for multilayer board designs.

RO3006 is a high-performance, high-frequency circuit board material manufactured by Rogers Corporation and is part of the RO3000® series. This material is particularly well suited for applications requiring high dielectric constant and temperature stability. 


Below are some of the key properties and parameters of RO3006 laminates:

Dielectric constant (Dk):6.15 +/- 0.15, which provides a higher Dk value and helps to reduce circuit size.

Loss Factor (Df): 0.0020 at 10 GHz, this low loss factor helps minimize losses during signal transmission.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): 

X/Y/Z axis coefficients of thermal expansion are 17/17/24 ppm/°C, respectively. X- and Y-axis CTEs similar to those of copper help improve dimensional stability.

Temperature Stability: 

maintains a stable dielectric constant over a temperature range of -50°C to +150°C, making it suitable for applications sensitive to temperature changes.

Mechanical Properties: 

RO3006 possesses mechanical properties consistent with RO3000™ series laminates, making it suitable for hybrid designs with epoxy glass cloth FR4 multilayer board circuits.

Electrical Performance: 

RO3006 exhibits very low dielectric loss of 0.0013 at 10 GHz, making it suitable for applications requiring high frequency stability.


RO3006 is widely used in commercial microwave RF applications, such as millimeter wave radar for automotive electronics, GPS satellite antennas, amplifiers and antennas for cellular communication systems, and patch antennas for wireless communications.


Material Composition: 

RO3006 is a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) composite material with added ceramic fillers, providing excellent electrical properties and stable mechanical properties.

Dimensional Stability: 

Due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, RO3006 maintains the stability of plated through-holes even in harsh temperature environments.

Design Flexibility: 

Due to its high dielectric constant, RO3006 allows designers to reduce board size without sacrificing performance, which is especially important for modern electronic devices seeking miniaturization and portability.

Environmental Adaptability: 

RO3006's low coefficient of thermal expansion and good temperature stability means it can maintain performance under extreme temperature changes, making it suitable for applications outdoors or in environments with high temperature fluctuations.


RO3006's low dielectric loss and high dielectric constant help to improve signal integrity and reduce losses during transmission, thus increasing the reliability of the entire system.


RO3006 can be designed to be mixed with other materials such as epoxy glass cloth FR4, providing more flexibility in multilayer board design.


Although RO3006 is a high-performance material, its price is competitive relative to the performance it offers, making it a viable option in cost-sensitive applications as well.


Environmentally Friendly and Safe: 

RO3006 material meets environmental and safety standards, such as UL 94V-0 flame retardant rating, which reduces the impact on the environment.

Technical Support: 

When using RO3006 materials, you can rely on Rogers Corporation's technical support to help solve technical problems that may be encountered during the design and manufacturing process.

Supply Chain: 

As a Rogers product, RO3006 enjoys a stable supply chain that ensures timely material availability and quality control.

Application Cases: 

RO3006 has been successfully applied in a variety of high-performance electronic devices, including automotive radar systems, satellite communications, and wireless network infrastructure, etc. These successful cases prove its reliability and effectiveness in practical applications.

Future Development: 

With the development of 5G communications, self-driving cars and other advanced electronics, the demand for high-performance circuit board materials will continue to grow, and the properties of RO3006 material make it an ideal choice to support the development of these technologies.

Other Characteristics: 

RO3006 also has good thermal conductivity of 0.79 w/m.k and density of 2.6 gm/cm³, as well as a V-0 flame retardant rating.


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