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Rogers 5880 Features

Dk or 2.20 +/- .02

Loss factor 0.0009 at 10GHz

Low hygroscopicity



About Rogers 5880

RT/duroid 5880 laminate has a low dielectric constant (Dk) and low dielectric loss, making it ideal for high frequency/broadband applications. Randomly oriented microfibers reinforce the PTFE composite and help maintain Dk uniformity.

罗杰斯 PCB

What are the advantages of Rogers 5880?

Uniform electrical characteristics over a wide frequency range;

Easily cut, share and machine to shape;

Resistant to solvents and reagents used in etching or plating edges and holes;

Ideal for high humidity environments;

perfect material;

Reinforced PTFE material provides lowest electrical losses.


Rogers 5880 Details:

Rogers RT/duroid® 5880 is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiberglass reinforced material designed for high frequency circuit applications. Here are some key parameters and properties of the material:

Dielectric constant (Dk): 2.20 ± 0.02

The dielectric constant is a measure of a material's ability to respond to an electric field. RT/duroid® 5880 has a very low dielectric constant, which helps reduce signal delays in circuits and improve performance.

Dissipation Factor (Df): 0.0009 @ 10GHz

Dissipation factor is a measure of how much energy a material dissipates in an AC electric field, and the low dissipation factor of RT/duroid® 5880 makes it ideal for high-frequency applications.

Moisture absorption rate: as low as 0.02%

Low moisture absorption means that the material can still maintain good electrical properties in high humidity environments and is suitable for various climate conditions.


The electrical properties of the material remain consistent in all directions, which is important for ensuring accuracy and repeatability in circuit design.

Processing Performance:

RT/duroid® 5880 laminate is easy to cut, shear and form for a variety of circuit board design shapes.

Chemical Resistance:

The material is resistant to solvents and reagents, whether cold or hot, used during etching or plating processes.

Application Frequency Range:

The supported signal frequencies can reach Ku band or even higher, making it suitable for high-frequency and wide-band applications.

Thermal Expansion Coefficient:

The Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient is 40 ppm/°C, which helps maintain the board’s dimensional stability under temperature changes.


A low density of 1.4 gm/cm³ makes RT/duroid® 5880LZ laminate advantageous in applications where circuit weight is sensitive.

Lead-free Process Compatibility:

Meets lead-free process standards and meets the needs of modern electronic manufacturing.


Rogers 5880 Application Areas:

Suitable for commercial aviation telephone circuits, microstrip and stripline circuits, millimeter wave applications, military radar systems, missile guidance systems, point-to-point digital radio antennas, etc.

Mechanical Properties:

RT/duroid® 5880 laminate has high mechanical strength due to its glass fiber reinforced properties, which allows it to withstand various physical stresses that may be encountered during processing.

Temperature Resistance: 

The material can withstand certain temperature changes and is suitable for electronic equipment required to operate in a wide temperature range.

Electrical Stability: 

RT/duroid® 5880 laminate maintains consistent electrical characteristics over a wide frequency range, which is critical to ensuring the performance of high-frequency circuits.

Processing Adaptability: 

The material can adapt to the specific requirements for the shape of printed circuit boards in high-frequency applications and is easily processed into the required shape.

Electroplating Compatibility: 

RT/duroid® 5880 supports electrodeposited copper with a thickness of 8~70um, which provides the possibility to manufacture finer circuit features.

Due to its low moisture absorption, RT/duroid® 5880 laminate is suitable for use in high humidity environments, maintaining circuit reliability.

Product Series: 

Rogers provides different specifications of RT/duroid® 5880 laminates to meet different application needs, such as RT/duroid® 5880LZ laminates, which incorporate unique fillers to form a low-density and lightweight material suitable for circuits Weight sensitive applications.

Data Sheet: 

For in-depth understanding of the detailed specifications and performance data of RT/duroid® 5880 laminate, you can refer to the official data sheet, which contains detailed technical information.

This additional information further highlights the multifaceted advantages of RT/duroid® 5880 laminate in high-frequency circuit design and how it meets the needs of the modern electronics industry for high-performance materials.


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