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Rogers PCB

Rogers 2-layer Immersion Gold PCB

Layer: 2-36 layers ratio frequency PCB, Hybrid PCB, Multilayer HDI PCB…

Thickness: 0.1-12mm

Coper Foil Thickness: 0.5oz-5oz

Max Panel Size: 480*800mm


Rogers 2-layer immersion gold PCB is a high-performance circuit board designed for high-frequency applications and has the following significant performance characteristics:

Excellent High Frequency Performance: 

Rogers materials have low dielectric constant and low loss tangent value, which are crucial for the transmission of high-frequency signals and can reduce signal loss and delay during transmission.

Good Electrical Conductivity: 

The gold layer formed by the immersion gold process has excellent electrical conductivity, which contributes to the efficient transmission of high-frequency signals.

Corrosion Resistance: 

The gold layer has good corrosion resistance, which can protect the circuit board from environmental factors and extend its service life.

Welding Performance: 

The gold layer has good affinity with solder, which is beneficial to improving the quality and reliability of welding.

Smooth and Beautiful Surface: 

The surface treated by the immersion gold process is smooth and smooth, and has a golden appearance, which improves the overall beauty of the product.

Anti-interference Ability: 

The combination of Rogers materials and immersion gold technology helps reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the stability of the circuit.

Stress Control: 

More precise control of stress during the manufacturing process is beneficial to improving the stability and reliability of PCB.

Long-term Stability: 

The gold layer has a dense crystal structure, which enhances the durability and long-term stability of the PCB.

Environmental Adaptability: 

Rogers materials have good chemical stability and temperature stability, and can adapt to various harsh working environments.

High-density Layout: 

Suitable for high-density circuit design and suitable for miniaturization and highly integrated electronic equipment.

Low Insertion Loss: 

The low dielectric constant of Rogers materials helps reduce signal insertion loss during transmission.

Precise Impedance Control: 

The stable dielectric properties of Rogers materials enable precise impedance control, which is critical to signal integrity.

Wide Range of Applications: 

suitable for wireless communications, satellite navigation, military radar systems, aerospace, medical equipment, and test and measurement.

High Reliability: 

Due to the combination of the above-mentioned multiple properties, Rogers 2-layer immersion gold PCB can provide high reliability and is suitable for applications with extremely high performance requirements.

These performance characteristics of Rogers 2-layer immersion gold PCB make it an ideal choice for high-performance electronic devices, especially those applications that have high requirements for signal integrity, stability and reliability.


Production precautions

Material Selection: 

Rogers materials are known for their excellent high frequency performance and are suitable for high frequency circuit boards. Be sure to select a specific model such as RO4350B that is suitable for the application frequency and performance requirements.

Thickness Selection: 

The thickness of the PCB will affect the impedance bandwidth of the microstrip antenna. Thinner PCBs can provide wider bandwidth, but may require more delicate processing techniques.

Surface Treatment: 

The immersion gold process provides good corrosion resistance and weldability, but it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and thickness of the immersion gold layer to avoid the risk of gold wire short circuit.

Process Control: 

Optimize the immersion gold process and accurately control process parameters, such as temperature, time, solution concentration, etc., to ensure the uniformity and quality of the coating.

Quality Inspection: 

Introduce an advanced quality inspection system to strictly inspect PCB boards in each production link, and promptly discover and deal with potential quality problems.

Safety and Environmental Protection: 

When handling potions containing highly toxic substances such as gold salts and cyanides, appropriate safety measures must be taken, such as wearing acid and alkali-resistant gloves, protective goggles, etc., and ensuring that waste gas and waste liquid are specially treated.

Employee Training: 

Regularly train employees on skills and quality control to improve their mastery of processes and quality awareness.

Interconnect Design: 

In high-frequency applications, the design of metallized vias requires special attention to avoid introducing excessive discontinuities and transmission losses.

Low Side-lobe Design: 

For array antennas, it is necessary to achieve low side-lobe levels through feed network design to reduce environmental interference and improve radar signal-to-noise ratio.

Impedance Control: 

The impedance of the transmission line needs to be precisely controlled during design to ensure signal integrity and minimize reflections.

Thermal Management: 

High frequency circuits may generate more heat, and the heat dissipation design of the PCB needs to be considered.

Design Rules: 

Follow Rogers Materials design rules and guidelines to ensure circuit performance.

Mixed Voltage Technology: 

If multi-layer mixed voltage technology is used, the influence between different material layers needs to be considered, such as dielectric constant, thermal expansion coefficient, etc.

Testing and Verification: 

Conduct sufficient testing and verification before and after production to ensure that the PCB meets high-frequency performance requirements.

By paying attention to these matters, you can ensure the production quality of Rogers 2-layer F4B immersion gold PCB to meet the stringent requirements of high-frequency applications.

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