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RO4350B PCB High Frequency Board

Dk is 3.48 +/- 0.05

Loss factor 0.0037 at 10 GHz

Low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient at 32 ppm/°C

Processes such as FR-4 are cheaper to manufacture

Competitive price

Excellent dimensional stability


RO4350B is a high frequency circuit board laminate manufactured by Rogers Corporation. It is designed to meet the needs of high-performance wireless and radar applications and operates in the frequency range from 500 MHz to 77 GHz. This material is favored for its excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties and is particularly suitable for applications requiring precision RF circuit fabrication.

Here are some key features and parameters of RO4350B:

Low RF loss: 

It has a low loss factor (Df: 0.0037@10GHz) to ensure minimal signal attenuation when propagating within the board.

Low Dielectric Constant: 

Dk value is 3.48 with a tolerance of ±0.05, indicating the material's ability to generate capacitance relative to air, and this value changes very little at different frequencies.

Low Z-axis Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 

approximately 32 ppm/°C, helps reduce dimensional changes caused by temperature changes, thereby avoiding reliability risks.

High Thermal Conductivity: 

Helps improve the thermal management performance of circuit boards.

Lead-free Compatible Processing: 

Able to withstand lead-free reflow soldering temperatures up to 260°C, suitable for multiple soldering cycles.

Excellent Mechanical Strength: 

Provides good physical support and durability.

Good Chemical Resistance: 

Good resistance to chemicals.

UL 94 V-0 Flame Retardant Rating: 

meets the safety requirements of consumer electronics and industrial electronics.


High Breakdown Voltage: 

With a breakdown voltage of up to 15 kV/mil, it reduces the risk of electrical breakdown in thin dielectric layers.

These properties of RO4350B material make it ideal for designing and manufacturing precision RF circuits, especially where stable dielectric properties and low losses are required. In addition, RO4350B also has a similar processing technology to standard epoxy resin/glass cloth, is easy to produce in large quantities, and is compatible with FR-4 materials and can be multi-layer mixed, so it has a competitive advantage in terms of cost.

RO4350B material thicknesses are available in a variety of options, including 4mil, 6.6mil, 10mil, 13.3mil, 16.6mil, 20mil, 30mil and 60mil, etc., to suit different design and application requirements. This material is widely used in active devices and high-power RF designs, especially where fire protection rating UL 94V-0 is required.

Material Composition: 

RO4350B is a ceramic-filled PTFE composite reinforced with woven glass cloth, specially designed by Rogers Corporation to meet the needs of high-frequency and high-speed PCB applications.

Dimensional Stability: 

RO4350B exhibits excellent dimensional stability, which is critical for the manufacturing of precision RF circuits.

Stability of Electrical Characteristics: 

RO4350B maintains stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies, which is very beneficial for designing RF boards with controllable impedance.

Multi-layer Mixing Capability: 

RO4350B can perform multi-layer mixing with FR-4 materials, which provides advantages for cost effectiveness and production efficiency.

Inventory Status: 

Rogers Corporation works with authorized laminators around the world to stock RO4350B core materials and prepregs in a variety of thicknesses, with common thicknesses ranging from 0.005'' to 0.062''.



Work with PCB manufacturers to ensure availability and stable supply of RO4350B material to meet specific board thickness and copper weight needs.

Frequency Range: 

RO4350B is not only suitable for frequencies up to 10 GHz, but also provides stable dielectric performance up to at least 40 GHz. Its VF version extends the upper frequency range to 77 GHz and beyond.

Temperature Resistance: 

RO4350B is able to withstand lead-free soldering temperatures up to 260°C and is suitable for multiple soldering cycles.


RO4350B provides the best overall performance balance while maintaining a moderate cost.

Design Considerations: 

When designing PCBs using RO4350B material, impedance and discontinuities need to be carefully modeled to ensure repeatable RF performance between differently manufactured boards.

RO4350B is a versatile high frequency PCB material suitable for a variety of high-performance electronic applications, including military, aerospace, communications and consumer electronics.


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