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RO3035 Laminate PCB

Dielectric Constant (Dk): 3.50 (+/- 0.05)

Loss Factor (Df): 0.0017 @ 10GHz

Optional Calendered Copper


RO3035™ is a high-frequency circuit board manufactured by Rogers Corporation as part of the RO3000 series of materials. This laminate is a ceramic-filled PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) composite with a low dielectric constant and low loss factor, making it especially suitable for high-performance electronics and RF applications. Below are some of the key properties and applications of RO3035™ laminates:

Dielectric Properties: 

RO3035™ has a dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.50 and a loss factor (Df) of 0.0015@10GHz, which makes it excellent for high frequency applications.

Mechanical Characteristics: 

Like other laminates in the RO3000 series, RO3035™ has consistent mechanical characteristics that make it suitable for hybrid designs with epoxy glass cloth FR4 multilayer circuits.

Thermal Stability: 

RO3035™'s low coefficient of thermal expansion (X/Y/Z: 17/17/24 ppm/°C) provides excellent dimensional stability of plated through-holes, even in harsh temperature environments.


RO3035™ is suitable for applications up to 30-40 GHz, including 5G technologies such as Massive MIMO and millimeter wave designs.

Commercial Applications: 

The material is used in a wide range of commercial microwave RF, automotive electronics millimeter wave radar, GPS satellite antennas, amplifiers and antennas for cellular communication systems, patch antennas for wireless communications, live satellites, data links for wireline systems, remote meter reading and power backplanes.


Manufacturing Advantage: 

RO3035™ laminates can provide designers with more design flexibility by allowing the development of different multilayer board designs while maintaining isotropic electrical properties.

Processing and Manufacturing: 

Manufacturers such as Shenzhen Xinchenger Electronics Co., Ltd. can provide expedited production services for 2-20 layer high frequency PCB circuit boards, including products using RO3035™ material.

Material Selection: 

When selecting RO3035™ or other HF PCB materials, design engineers need to consider a number of factors, including dielectric constant, coefficient of thermal expansion, water absorption, operating temperature range, and the specific requirements of the circuit design.

Supplier Information: 

 Shenzhen Xinchenger Electronics Co., Ltd. is among the suppliers that can provide manufacturing and supply services for RO3035™ PCBs.

Technical Specifications: 

The technical specifications of the RO3035™ include low dielectric loss at high frequencies, high temperature stability and compatibility with lead-free soldering processes.

Design Flexibility: 

Due to its low dielectric constant and loss factor, the RO3035™ provides designers with the flexibility to design miniaturized, high-performance boards in high-frequency environments.

Environmental Suitability: 

RO3035™'s low water absorption makes it ideal for applications in high humidity environments, which is important in many electronic devices in outdoor or high humidity areas.

Thermal Performance: 

The material's high glass transition temperature (Tg) means that it maintains stable performance at elevated temperatures, an important characteristic for devices that need to operate over a wide temperature range.

Electrical Properties: 

The electrical properties of RO3035™ are consistent over a wide frequency range, which is critical for ensuring the performance of communications equipment and radar systems.


Supply Chain: 

In addition to manufacturers and suppliers, RO3035™ is available through a variety of channels, including specialty electronic materials distributors and online retailers.

Technical Documentation: 

Rogers Corporation provides thorough technical documentation and datasheets to help engineers make informed decisions during the design and manufacturing process.

Industry Standards: 

RO3035™ laminates meet industry standards and can be used to manufacture PCBs that meet specific specification requirements.


Although RO3035™ is a high performance material, it still has good processability and can be adapted to many standard PCB manufacturing processes.


While RO3035™ may cost more than some traditional PCB materials, its high-performance properties often provide better long-term value.

Innovative applications: 

As 5G and IoT technologies evolve, RO3035™ laminates are becoming increasingly important in high-frequency, high-data-rate applications that support these new technologies.

Designed as a high-performance circuit material for high-frequency applications, RO3035™ laminates have a wide range of applications in the electronics and communications industries and are supported by several manufacturers and suppliers.


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