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Rogers PCB

RO 5880 PCB

Coper Foil Thickness: 0.5oz-5oz

Max Panel Size: 480* 800mm

Drilling Diameter: ≥0.1mm

Aperture Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Hole Position Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Inner Core Thickness: 0.1-4.0mm

Inner Layer Trace/Space: 2.5mil/3mil

Hole Wall Copper Thickness: 20-50um


RO 5880 PCB is printed circuit boards (PCB) fabricated using Rogers' RT/duroid® 5880 laminate material, a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) glass-fiber reinforced composite material designed for precision strip line and microstrip line circuit applications. Below are some of the key properties and application areas of RO 5880 PCB:

Low Dielectric Constant: 

RO 5880 PCB have a very low dielectric constant of approximately 2.20 ± 0.02, which helps to reduce delays in signal transmission and improves the performance of high frequency signals.

Extremely Low Dielectric Loss: 

The dielectric loss factor is extremely low, typically measuring 0.0009 at 10 GHz, making the RO 5880 PCB ideal for high frequency and wide band applications where dispersion and loss need to be minimized.

Low Moisture Absorption: 

The RO 5880 PCB has a very low moisture absorption (0.02%), which allows it to maintain stable electrical performance even in high humidity environments.

Chemical Resistance: 

This material is resistant to solvents and reagents used in the etching of printed circuits or plating of through holes.

Ease of Processing: 

RO 5880 PCB are easy to cut, shear, and mold to fit the needs of high-frequency applications in a variety of shapes.

Application Areas: 

RO 5880 PCB are widely used in the following areas:

Commercial aviation telephone circuits

Microstrip and ribbon line circuits

Millimeter wave applications

Military radar systems

Missile guidance systems

Point-to-point digital radio antennas

High Frequency Support: 

The RO 5880 PCB supports electrodeposited copper in a range of thicknesses from 8 to 70 microns to meet the needs of different electrical applications.


Material Properties: 

The electrical properties of RT/duroid® 5880 laminates remain stable over frequency variations, are isotropic, and have a uniform dielectric constant.

RO 5880 PCB are the material of choice for high frequency electronics due to their excellent electrical and physical properties, especially in applications where signal integrity and transmission speed are critical.

RO 5880 PCB materials are used in the following industries due to their low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss factor, low moisture absorption and good chemical resistance:


for satellite communication systems, avionics and navigation systems due to its ability to maintain performance in extreme environments.

Military and Defense: 

Used in radar systems, missile guidance systems and other military communications equipment to ensure high reliability and minimize signal loss.


Used in base stations, antenna arrays and microwave communication equipment to improve the efficiency and speed of signal transmission.


Used in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2X) technologies to improve vehicle communication capabilities.

Medical Devices: 

Used in high-performance imaging devices and diagnostic equipment to ensure accurate signal transmission.

Consumer Electronics: 

Used in the RF section of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

Industrial Control: 

Used in automated control systems and precision measurement equipment to enable high-speed data transmission.

Test and Measurement Equipment: 

Used in high-frequency test instruments to ensure measurement accuracy.

Broadcasting and Satellite Communications: 

Used in ground stations and uplink equipment for broadcasting satellites.

Smart Grid: 

Used in communication and monitoring systems for smart grids for efficient data transmission.

Wireless Communications: 

Used in wireless network equipment and point-to-point digital radio antennas.

Millimeter Wave Applications: 

Favored for their high frequency performance in 5G communications and other millimeter wave technologies.

These application industries utilize the properties of RO 5880 PCB material to improve the performance and reliability of their equipment, especially in high-frequency and wide-band electronic devices.


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