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RO3003G2™ PCB

A new generation of laminates designed for 77/79 GHz automotive radars

Lower insertion loss due to VLP (Very Low Profile) electrolytic copper

Further minimizes Dk variation and supports microvia designs


RO3003G2™, a high-performance, high-frequency PCB material from Rogers Corporation, is an enhanced version of RO3003™ designed to meet the needs of next-generation millimeter-wave automotive radar applications. Below are some of the key features and benefits of RO3003G2™ laminates:

Optimized Dielectric Pproperties: 

RO3003G2™ laminates offer excellent dielectric properties with dielectric constants (Dk) of 3.00@10 GHz and 3.07@77 GHz at 77 GHz.

Extremely Low Insertion Loss: 

The material has an insertion loss of only 1.3 dB/inch at 77 GHz at 5 mil thickness, which is critical for maintaining signal integrity.

Advanced Filler Technology: 

The use of advanced specialty fillers with smaller particles helps to achieve higher density and smaller size microvia designs for improved board performance.

Low Roughness Copper Cladding: 

The use of a new Very Low Roughness Electrolytic Copper Cladding material (VLP ED) helps reduce insertion loss and improve board performance.

Reduced Process-induced Variations: 

The combination of the very low roughness electrolytic copper foil material and the homogeneous structure reduces the variation of the dielectric constant during the PCB machining process.


Standard Processing Techniques: 

RO3003G2™ HF PCB materials can be fabricated into printed circuit boards using standard PTFE circuit board processing techniques for easy integration into existing manufacturing processes.

Size and Thickness Options: 

Standard sizes such as 24 x 18 in. (610 x 457 mm) and 24 x 21 in. (610 x 533.75 mm) are available, as well as two dielectric thicknesses of 0.005 and 0.010 in. to accommodate different design requirements.

Application Areas: 

RO3003G2™ is particularly suitable for applications in advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, active brake assist, lane change assist, traffic jam navigation, automatic parking and blind spot detection.

Material Specifications: 

Available with options containing 0.5 oz. (18 µm) or 1.0 oz. (35 µm) electrolytic and calendered copper foil.

Technical Datasheets: 

Rogers Corporation offers RO3003G2™ High Frequency material datasheets detailing the material's technical parameters and performance specifications.

High Frequency Applications: 

RO3003G2™ laminates are suitable for RF and microwave applications up to 40 GHz, making it ideal for use in modern high speed communication and radar systems.

Thermal Stability: 

RO3003G2™ maintains the stability of its dielectric properties even under extreme temperature variations, which is important for equipment that needs to operate in different environmental conditions.

Mechanical Properties: 

The material's low X-, Y- and Z-axis coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) contribute to the mechanical stability and reliability of the board.

Environmental Resistance: 

RO3003G2™ laminates have good temperature and humidity resistance, making them suitable for electronic devices operating outdoors or in harsh environmental conditions.


Design Flexibility: 

The material's low rate of change of dielectric constant and low loss characteristics provide greater flexibility in circuit design, allowing designers to achieve more compact and efficient circuit layouts.


RO3003G2™ laminates are compatible with a wide range of circuit board processing techniques, including plating, drilling and laminating, which helps increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

Supply Chain Reliability: 

As a Rogers Corporation product, the RO3003G2™ laminate's supply chain stability and quality assurance is one of its strengths.

Technical Support: 

Rogers Corporation provides comprehensive technical support and consulting services to help customers optimize their circuit designs and solve problems encountered during material usage.


Rogers Corporation focuses on sustainability and environmental protection, and its products comply with environmental standards during the manufacturing process, reducing the impact on the environment.

Industry Recognition: 

RO3003G2™ laminates are widely recognized in the communications, automotive, military and aerospace industries for their superior performance and reliability.

These properties of RO3003G2™ laminates make them a valuable option for high frequency PCB design and manufacturing, especially in applications where performance is critical. By using this material, manufacturers are able to develop more advanced and reliable electronic devices to meet growing market demands.


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