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Rogers PCB

6-Layer Roger+FR4 RFPCB

Thickness: 0.1-12mm

Coper Foil Thickness: 0.5oz-5oz

Max Panel Size: 480*800mm

Drilling Diameter: ≥0.1mm

Aperture Tolerance: ±0.05mm


The performance characteristics of 6-layer ROGER+FR4 hybrid RFPCB (Radio Frequency Printed Circuit Board) mainly include the following points:

Superior High Frequency Performance: 

Due to the inclusion of the RO4003C material layer, this board exhibits low signal loss and stable dielectric constant during high-frequency signal transmission, ensuring high signal fidelity.

Hybrid Structure: 

The combination of high-frequency material and conventional FR4 material through hybrid compression technology ensures high-frequency performance while retaining the economy and mechanical strength of FR4 material.

Multi-layer Design: 

The 6-layer structure enables the board to achieve more complex circuit layouts and signal routing, meeting the demand for high integration and multi-functionality.

Good thermal Stability: 

RO4003C material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which can effectively reduce the impact of temperature changes on the performance of the circuit board and improve the stability of the product in different environmental temperatures.

Low Loss: 

RO4003C material is a low loss material suitable for use in electronic devices that need to process high frequency signals and pursue signal integrity and low loss.

Low Dielectric Constant: 

RO4003C material has a low dielectric constant, which helps to reduce delay and distortion during signal transmission.

Good Thermal Conductivity: 

RO4003C materials have good thermal conductivity, which helps to dissipate heat and maintain stable circuit board operation.

Flame Retardant Rating: 

It usually has a high flame retardant rating, such as 94V-0, which helps to improve the safety of the circuit board.

Volume Resistivity and Surface Resistivity: 

With higher resistivity, it helps to reduce leakage and electromagnetic interference of the circuit board.

Special Processes: 

such as blind hole technology, which can provide more complex circuit designs and smaller dimensions.

Minimum Hole Diameter: 

Some manufacturers are able to offer boards with a minimum hole diameter of 0.25mm, which helps to achieve finer circuit designs.

Minimum Line Widths and Spacing: 

Minimum line widths and spacing of 0.127mm can be achieved, which helps to achieve more complex circuit layouts in limited spaces.

Surface Finish: 

For example, immersion gold finish can provide good conductivity and corrosion resistance for high frequency signal transmission.

Board Thickness: 

Board thickness can be customised, e.g. 1.6mm or 2.3mm, to choose the right board thickness according to the application requirements.

Special Processes: 

Such as blind hole technology, can be used to realise more complex circuit designs and improve the performance and reliability of the board.

Quality Assurance: 

Some manufacturers provide quality inspection services, including microtome production, hole copper thickness measurement, immersion gold/gold plating thickness measurement, and thermal stress testing to ensure product quality.

Raw Materials: 

High quality raw materials are used, such as KB, SY, LM boards and Sun and Guangxin inks.

Production Equipment: 

We have advanced production equipment and highly automated production lines, such as AIO optical scanning, plating automatic line, Co-operative flying probe test, inkjet printers and so on.

Management System: 

We have a complete management system, such as UL, ISO9001, SGS, IATF16949, ROHS, IS140001 and other certificates, to ensure that our products meet international standards.


All parameters are traceable, which helps quality control and problem tracking.


Provide a multi-faceted service system, including enhancing the ability to dynamically perceive customer needs, optimising service methods, and strengthening customer experience.


Race with technology to ensure the accuracy of delivery, and provide compensatory measures in case of delay.

When producing 6-layer ROGER+FR4 mixed-press RFPCBs, the following considerations need to be taken into account to ensure product quality and performance:

Material Selection: 

Use top HF material sources such as Rogers/Rogers, taconic/Taconic, etc. to ensure basic product quality.

Process Capability: 

Ensure that we have mature mixing and pressing technology that can handle material combinations such as FR4+ROGERS/Rogers, FR4+PTFE, etc.

Automated production equipment: Introducing advanced automated production equipment, such as computerised V-cutting machines, German presses, laser drilling machines, etc., in order to improve production efficiency and precision.

Quality Control: 

Strictly follow IPC standard control, implement quality PDCA process, use imported automatic testing equipment and temperature cycle inspection equipment to ensure high reliability and stability of products.

Environmental Protection Standard: 

Ensure the production process meets the green environmental protection standard, and obtain relevant environmental protection certification.

Minimisation of Dimensional Tolerances: 

Maintain the accuracy of minimum line width/line spacing and minimum mechanical hole/pad size, e.g. minimum line width/line spacing up to 3mil/0.075mm.

Drilling Accuracy: 

Maintain drilling accuracy within +/-0.05mm to ensure PTH hole diameter tolerance is also within +/-0.05mm.

Surface Treatment: 

Adoption of surface treatment technologies suitable for HF applications, such as gold immersion, silver immersion, tin immersion, OSP, etc.

Minimum Aperture and Board Thickness Ratio: 

able to achieve minimum aperture, e.g. 0.15mm, and high aperture ratio, e.g. 1:10.

Special Processes: 

Mastering special processes such as blind hole technology to adapt to more complex circuit design needs.

Quality Assurance: 

All products leave the factory after strict performance index tests, such as hole copper test, impedance test, thermal stress test, solderability test, open and short circuit test.

Service Team: 

Establish a professional service team to provide 24-hour uninterrupted quotation service and expedited delivery channel.

International Quality Certification: 

Obtain many international quality certificates such as ISO9001, and carry out all quality activities in strict accordance with international quality standards.

Customised Service: 

Provide customised service to meet the special needs of different customers.


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