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Rogers PCB

4-Layer Rogers 4350B Immersion Gold PCB

Thickness: 0.1-12mm

Coper Foil Thickness: 0.5oz-5oz

Max Panel Size: 480*800mm

Drilling Diameter: ≥0.1mm

Aperture Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Hole Position Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Inner Core Thickness: 0.1-4.0mm


4-Layer Rogers 4350B Sunken Gold PCB is a high performance PCB product which has the following features and characteristics:

High Frequency Performance: 

4-layer Rogers 4350B Sinking Gold PCB adopts RO4350B board, which is a ceramic mixed-pressure high-frequency board with excellent high-frequency performance for millimetre-wave radar, automotive radar, unmanned aerial vehicle, autopilot and other applications.

Low Loss: 

The board has low loss characteristics with a loss factor of 0.0037 (10GHz), which helps to improve circuit efficiency and performance.

Strict Dielectric Constant Control: 

With a dielectric constant of 3.48, the sheet has strict tolerance control, which helps ensure accuracy and consistency in circuit design.

Thermal Stability: 

RO3003 HF material boards still have excellent dielectric constant stability at different temperatures and frequencies.

Flame Retardant Rating: 

The material achieves UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating for active devices and high power RF designs.

Surface Process: 

Chemically immersed gold process is used to provide good solderability and circuit protection.

Dimensional Stability: 

Excellent dimensional stability, suitable for precision circuit design.

High Thermal Conductivity: 

Thermal conductivity is 0.69W/m.K, which helps to dissipate heat.

High Resistivity: 

Volume resistivity of 1.210^10 and surface resistivity of 5.710^9, which helps improve circuit stability.

Lightweight and High-strength: 

With a density of 1.9g/cm^3, it is lightweight and high-strength.


Suitable for Harsh Environments: 

Suitable for more challenging operating environments such as commercial motor vehicles due to its excellent thermal stability and flame retardant rating.

For 5G and Millimetre Wave Communications: 

Ideal for 5G wireless infrastructure and millimetre wave communications applications due to its high frequency performance and low loss characteristics.

For Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): 

Ideal for automotive 77 GHz millimetre wave radar circuit boards and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) due to its excellent high frequency performance and reliability.

High frequency Applications: 

For high frequency applications such as 24GHz, 77GHz or 79GHz, which are commonly used in advanced radar systems.

Radar Resolution: 

Due to the performance of millimetre wave radar antennas, high resolution can be achieved, which is important for accurate target detection.

Anti-jamming Capability: 

millimetre wave radar antennas have a good anti-jamming capability due to their short wavelength and wide frequency band.

Long-term Reliability:  

Since compact antennas and their high-frequency transceiver circuits need to work continuously and uninterruptedly, long-term reliability is an important consideration in design.

Environmental Adaptability: 

The material is able to operate reliably in more challenging operating environments, such as in commercial motor vehicles.

Unique Design: 

The unique design of the material eliminates the step change in dielectric constant that occurs in general purpose PTFE materials at room temperature, providing better stability.

Advanced Process Technology: 

Capable of making high frequency hybrid circuit boards (HF material + FR4), 8mm ultra-thick HF PCBs, copper and ceramic based HF circuit boards, etc.

Surface Treatment Diversity: 

Able to make various surface treatment processes, such as gold immersion, gold plating, tin immersion, tin plating, silver immersion, silver plating, gold immersion + OSP, etc.

Quality Control System: 

All products leave the factory after strict performance index tests, such as hole copper test, impedance test, thermal stress test, solderability test, open and short circuit test.

International Quality Certification: 

We have obtained many international quality certificates such as ISO9001, and carry out all quality activities in strict accordance with international quality standards.

Quick Response Service: 

Provide 24/7 quotation service and expedited delivery channel to meet urgent customised circuit board requirements.

Wide Range of Applications: 

Products cover communication, power supply, medical equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics, intelligent equipment, traffic and rail, drones, security electronics, high-power LED lighting and displays.

These functions and features make the 4-layer Rogers 4350B immersion gold PCB an indispensable component in high-performance electronic devices, especially in applications that require high-frequency.


When producing 4-layer Rogers 4350B gold immersion PCBs, there are several issues to be aware of:

Board Selection: 

Ensure that high quality RO4350B boards are used to ensure the performance of the PCB.


As RO4350B boards have a similar processing process to FR-4, there is a need to ensure that production equipment and processes can be adapted to the characteristics of this material.

Design Considerations: 

The requirements of high frequency circuits, such as impedance control and signal integrity, need to be taken into account during design.

Thermal Management: 

As high frequency operation may generate heat, the thermal design of the PCB needs to be considered.

Quality Control: 

Strict quality control during the production process to ensure the performance and reliability of the PCB.

Environmental Adaptability: 

Considering that the PCBs may be used in more challenging operating environments, there is a need to ensure that the PCBs are able to adapt to these environments.

Long-term Reliability: 

As these compact antennas and their high-frequency transceiver circuits need to operate continuously without interruption, the long-term reliability of the PCBs needs to be ensured.

Minimum Line Width/Spacing: 

Minimum line width/spacing constraints need to be taken into account during design to ensure the manufacturability of the circuitry.

Surface Treatment: 

The immersion gold process needs to be strictly controlled to ensure soldering performance and long-term stability of the circuit.

Customer Communication: 

Maintain close communication with customers to ensure that their needs are understood and their expectations are met.

Material Compatibility: 

Ensure that other materials used (e.g. copper foils, adhesives, etc.) are compatible with RO4350B boards to avoid performance issues.

Processing Accuracy: 

Use advanced process equipment and testing equipment to ensure the processing accuracy of lines and holes.

Performance Test: 

All products should be tested with strict performance indexes before leaving the factory, such as hole copper test, impedance test, thermal stress test, solderability test, open and short circuit test, etc.

International Quality Certification: 

Follow ISO9001 and other international quality certification standards to ensure product quality.

Service Team: 

Establish a professional service team to provide quick response and expedited delivery services to meet urgent needs.

Understanding of Material Characteristics: 

RO4350B laminates have a tight tolerance control of dielectric constant (Dk), as well as low loss characteristics that require strict control of these parameters during production.

Cost Control: 

Although RO4350B material costs may be higher than conventional materials, overall costs need to be controlled by optimising the process.

Xinchenger Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than fifteen years of experience in PCB production and has complete PCB process equipment. It has Rogers high-frequency sheets, RO3000, series, RO4000 series, RO5000 series, etc. all year round, with dielectric constants ranging from 2.2-10.6. If you have any needs for PCB high-frequency boards, RF PCB and other circuit boards, please come to us for customized drawings. Welcome to inquire!


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