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Rogers PCB

4-Layer Rogers 5880 Sunken Gold PCB

Drilling Diameter: ≥0.1mm

Aperture Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Hole Position Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Inner Core Thickness: 0.1-4.0mm

Inner Layer Trace/Space: 2.5mil/3mil

Hole Wall Copper Thickness: 20-50um


The 4-layer Rogers 5880 immersion gold PCB is a high-performance PCB product with the following features and functionality:

Low Dielectric Constant: 

The dielectric constant of Rogers RT/duroid 5880 material is 2.20±0.02 measured at 10GHz, which is significantly lower than similar materials on the market, which is beneficial for high frequency signal transmission.

Extremely Low Dielectric Loss: 

The dielectric loss is only 0.0009 measured at 10GHz, which helps to minimise dispersion and loss, making it ideal for high-frequency and wide-band design applications.

High Reliability: 

Glass fibre reinforced PTFE composite material provides strong strength enhancement for high reliability applications such as aerospace.

High Frequency Support: 

Supports frequencies up to Ku-band and beyond, suitable for millimetre wave applications and 5G communications.

Low Moisture Absorption: 

Moisture absorption is only 0.02%, maintaining stable performance in high humidity environments.

Excellent Processability: 

It can be easily cut, drilled and machined to shape, adapting to complex circuit board designs.

Good Plating Resistance: 

Good resistance to solutions and reagents used in the etching or plating process of edges and through-holes.

Immersion Gold Surface Process: 

Immersion gold process provides good solderability and circuit protection with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

High Thermal Conductivity: 

Helps to dissipate heat quickly, ensuring stable operation of high frequency circuits.

Wide Range of Applications: 

Suitable for point-to-point digital radio antennas, microstrip and stripline circuits, missile guidance systems, military radar systems, and high-frequency circuit boards for commercial aviation telephones.


Environmental Adaptability: 

Suitable for use in a variety of environmental conditions due to its low moisture absorption and high reliability.

Compliance with Lead-free Process Standards: 

Meets the environmental requirements of modern electronic assembly.

High-density Design: 

Suitable for high-density wiring as its low dielectric constant and low loss characteristics help reduce interference and attenuation in signal transmission.

Good Thermal Stability: 

Maintains stable dielectric properties at different temperatures and frequencies.

Excellent Dimensional Stability: 

The ability to maintain accurate dimensions during manufacture and use is critical for precision circuit design.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties: 

Provides improved mechanical strength and durability due to the use of glass fibre reinforcements.

Chemical Resistance: 

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials offer excellent chemical resistance, helping to maintain the integrity of the PCB in harsh environments.

Good Solderability: 

The immersion gold finish provides good solderability, helping to ensure the quality and reliability of soldered joints.

Suitable for Multilayer Boards: 

The 4-layer structure makes it suitable for use in complex multilayer board designs, allowing for the construction of more complex circuit systems.

Supports High  Frequency Hybrid Circuit Boards: 

It can be combined with other materials such as FR-4 to manufacture high-frequency hybrid circuit boards.

Suitable for Microwave RF Applications: 

Due to its excellent high frequency properties, it is suitable for applications such as microwave RF boards and microwave antenna boards.

Long-term Durability: 

The waiting life of immersion gold boards is many times longer than that of lead-tin alloy boards, making them suitable for long-term storage and use.

Compliance With IPC Standards: 

The products comply with IPC-TM standards, which ensures the consistency and reliability of electrical performance.

Environmentally friendly materials: 

The materials used meet environmental requirements and are suitable for the green manufacturing trend in the modern electronics industry.


The role of 4-layer Rogers 5880 immersion gold PCB is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

High Frequency Signal Transmission: 

Due to its low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, 4-layer Rogers 5880 immersed gold PCB is very suitable for high-frequency signal transmission, such as 5G communication, millimetre-wave communication and so on.

High-speed Digital Circuits: 

In high-speed digital circuits, low dielectric constant helps to reduce signal transmission delay and improve signal integrity.

Microwave RF Applications: 

Suitable for applications such as microwave RF boards, microwave antenna boards, etc. because of its excellent high frequency performance and good processability.


Suitable for demanding applications such as aerospace due to its high reliability and strength.

Military Radar Systems: 

In military radar systems, the low loss and high frequency support characteristics make the 4-layer Rogers 5880 immersion gold PCB an ideal choice.

Missile Guidance Systems: 

In missile guidance systems, where accurate signal transmission is critical to guidance accuracy, 4-layer Rogers 5880 immersion gold PCBs provide the required performance.

Commercial Aviation Telephone Circuits: 

In commercial aviation telephone circuits, high reliability and stable signal transmission are required, and the 4-layer Rogers 5880 gold immersion PCB meets these requirements.

Microstrip and Ribbon Wire Circuits: 

Due to its excellent electrical properties, it is suitable for microstrip and ribbon wire circuit design.

High-density Circuit Design: 

The 4-layer structure makes it suitable for high-density circuit design, allowing for the construction of more complex circuit systems.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing: 

The materials used meet environmental requirements, helping to promote green manufacturing in the electronics industry.

Long-term Stable Operation: 

Due to its excellent thermal stability and low moisture absorption rate, the 4-layer Rogers 5880 immersion gold PCB can ensure long-term stable operation.

Improved Product Performance: 

In applications requiring high-performance electronic devices, 4-layer Rogers 5880 immersion gold PCBs can significantly improve the overall performance of the product.


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