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HDI Impedance PCB

Minimum Line Width : 3MIL ;

Minimum Line Spacing : 3MIL ;

Drilling Diameter : ≥ 0.1mm ;

Processing Size : 600 * 1200mm 

Plate Thickness : 0.1-10mm ;

Processing Layers : 2-36 layers;

Special Process : Thick gold plate, ultra thick plate, depth control drilling, back drilling, hole filling electroplating, copper slurry plug hole, mechanical blind hole, etc.

Surface Treatment Processes : Include OSP, gold precipitation, silver precipitation, tin precipitation, gold plating, pure gold plating, thick gold plating, nickel palladium gold plating, nickel plating, tin plating, tin spraying, etc.


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HDI impedance circuit boards are high-precision, high-performance printed circuit boards (PCBs) that combine high-density interconnect (HDI) technology with impedance control to provide superior electrical performance and signal integrity for modern electronic devices. The following is a detailed introduction to HDI impedance circuit boards:

A. The Characteristics of HDI Technology

HDI technology is an advanced PCB manufacturing technology that improves the wiring density and integration of circuit boards by interconnecting microscopic lines inside the board. This technology helps to reduce the size and weight of the board while increasing its functionality and reliability.

B. The Importance of Impedance Control

Impedance control is one of the key features of HDI impedance circuit boards. By accurately controlling the impedance of the circuit board, you can ensure the stability and accuracy of the signal in the transmission process. This is particularly important for high-speed, high-frequency electronic equipment, such as communications equipment, computer servers, automotive electronics.

C. The Application of HDI Impedance Circuit Boards

HDI impedance circuit board has excellent electrical performance and signal integrity, it is widely used in a variety of high-end electronic equipment. These devices usually need to deal with a large amount of data and information, so the performance and reliability of the circuit board is very high, HDI impedance circuit boards can meet these needs, providing stable and efficient signal transmission for the equipment.

Manufacturing Processes and Challenges

Manufacturing HDI impedance circuit boards requires the use of advanced processes and equipment to ensure the precise manufacture of micro-fine lines and impedance precision control. This includes strict control of material selection, line design, etching, lamination, drilling, plating and other aspects. At the same time, due to the high manufacturing difficulty of HDI impedance circuit boards, so the production cost is relatively high.

D. The Future Development Trend

With the continuous development of science and technology, HDI impedance circuit boards will continue to face new challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, with the popularization of 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the demand for high-speed, high-performance circuit boards will continue to grow. On the other hand, environmental protection and sustainable development has also become an important issue for the circuit board industry, which needs to promote green manufacturing and circular economy.

Therefore, the future development of HDI impedance circuit boards will pay more attention to technological innovation and environmental performance improvement. Through the research and development of new materials, new processes and new equipment, can further improve the performance and quality of HDI impedance circuit board, while reducing production costs and environmental pollution. In addition, with the advancement of intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation, the circuit board manufacturing industry will also gradually realize intelligent and automated production, improve production efficiency and product quality.


E. Expansion of Application Fields

Communication Equipment: In the construction of 5G and future 6G communication network, the high speed signal transmission capability and stability of HDI impedance circuit boards provide strong support for communication equipment, ensuring high capacity and high speed data transmission.

Consumer Electronics: smart phones, tablet PCs, wearable devices and other consumer electronics products are increasingly rich in functionality, the internal circuit board requirements are also higher and higher, HDI impedance circuit boards with its high integration and excellent performance, to meet the needs of these products for high performance and high reliability.

Automotive Electronics: with the rapid development of automotive intelligence, network connectivity, vehicle electronic systems on the circuit board performance requirements are also increasing, HDI impedance circuit boards can ensure the stable operation of the car's internal electronic systems, improve driving safety and comfort.

Industrial Control: in the field of industrial automation, robotics, etc., HDI impedance circuit boards provide reliable electrical connections and signal transmission for complex control systems, which promotes the improvement of industrial production efficiency.

F. Green Manufacturing and Sustainable Development

With the global environmental awareness, green manufacturing and sustainable development has become an important development direction of the circuit board industry. HDI impedance circuit boards in the manufacturing process need to pay attention to the selection of environmentally friendly materials, waste disposal and energy consumption in order to achieve green production.

In addition, with the concept of circular economy deeply rooted in people's hearts, the recycling and reuse of circuit boards have also become the focus of attention of the industry. Through effective recycling and treatment, it can reduce resource consumption, reduce environmental pollution and achieve sustainable development.

G. Technological Innovation and Market Competition

In the face of fierce market competition and changing market demand, HDI impedance circuit board manufacturers need to continuously carry out technological innovation and product upgrading. Through the research and development of new materials, new processes and new equipment to improve product performance and quality, reduce costs to meet customer demand.

At the same time, strengthening cooperation and communication with international advanced enterprises, introducing advanced technology and management experience, and enhancing the overall competitiveness of enterprises are also important ways for the development of the industry.


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