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Process Capability

We are a professional manufacturer of 2-36 layer high-frequency PCB/PCBA circuit board. It can produce PCB/PCBA board, high-frequency board, special circuit board, microwave RF board, antenna board and other products on an expedited basis. The company has regular stocks of high-frequency board such as Rogers, Taconic, F4B, TP-2, FR-4, and the dielectric constant ranges from 2.2-10.6. If you have any needs, you can contact us. [Get Quote]

 Diversified PCB/ PCBA manufacturing:

 Large scale PCB /PCBA production;

 PCB/PCBA prototype;

 Fast rotation PCB/PCB rigid PCB;

 Rigid flexible PCB;

 High difficulty PCB;

 High density circuit board;

 High-frequency impedance;

 Metal core PCB;

 Copper based PCB;

 Double sided multi-layer PCB;

 High Tg PCB/PCBA high-frequency;

 Heavy duty copper HDI PCB;

 Rogers PCB;

 Isola PCB;

 RF printed circuit board;

 Ceramic circuit board;

 Wireless base station high frequency PCB/PCBA;

 5G wireless communication PCB/PCBA;

 AI intelligent device high frequency PCB/PCBA;

 Intelligent robot device PCB/PCBA;

 Medical system equipment PCB/PCBA;

 Aerospace System PCB/PCBA;

 Car collision avoidance system PCB/PCBA;

 Drone equipment PCB/PCBA;

 Industrial high frequency circuit board;

 Circuit board manufacturer;

 High frequency PCB/PCBA factory;

 Shenzhen PCB/PCBA manufacturer;

 Rogers PCB/PCBA Printing Factory;

 Taconic PCB/PCBA Printing Factory;

 F4B PCB/PCBA Printing Factory;

 PCB/PCBA Strength Manufacturer;

 China PCB Supplier;

Factory Equipments


Manufacturing of High Frequency PCB/PCBA

In the manufacturing of high frequency PCB/PCBA, there is a higher demand for sheet materials, manufacturing processes, and equipment compared to ordinary PCB. For example, the dielectric constant of sheet materials should be small, and the dielectric loss value should also be small to reduce their losses. High frequency PCB/PCBA also have higher requirements for circuits in circuit production. The commonly used material brands for high-frequency PCB/PCBA include Rogers, Taconic, Isola, F4B, TP-2, FR4, etc. Each brand has different models for electronic products used in different fields.

PCB/PCBA Manufacturing Capacity:

 Single layer to 22 multi-layer advanced circuits.

 3 mil/3 mil line trajectory and space.

 Minimum aperture 0.1mm.

 Heavy copper to 12 ounces.

 Blind and buried vias, HDI, vias in pads, half holes,FR4, high Tg, polyimide, Rogers, Isola, PFTE, Kapton, etc.

 High Tg, high frequency, impedance control.

 Rigid PCB, metal core PCB, multi-layer PCB, PCBA, etc.

 Ultra thin and thick, small and large sizes.

 Different finishes such as gold plating, HASL,OSP, etc.

 Green, blue, black, yellow, red, white, purple solder mask.

Flying Needle Test

Flying Needle Test

Automatic Detection

2 Automatic Detection

Exposure Process


High Frequency Circuit Board Printing

High frequency circuit board printing, production and processing of high-frequency PCB/PCBA board, microwave RF board, hybrid pressure plates, multi-layer precision HDI board, multi-stage blind buried holes, crimping holes, stepped board, back drilling, high-rise impedance board, half hole series, and probe series. Quality assurance, rapid sampling, and expedited board ordering can take up to 12 hours, with a minimum order of 1 tablet.

SMT assembly and through-hole assembly; Single or double sided hybrid PCB/PCBA components; BGA, QFN, LGA, QFP, SOT, DFN; Support for medium and low capacity board components; In circuit testing (ICT), functional testing, and IC programming. For the quotation, we need you to inform us if you require PCB/PCBA manufacturing, component procurement, assembly, PCB/PCBA templates, functional testing, or some of the turnkey PCB/PCBA services.

A BOM with descriptions and detailed information for each component;
SMD drawings, where necessary, place and extract files;
The quantity you need.

Please send the attachment of your requirements to will provide you with the most satisfactory service.Our acceptable drawing formats: CAD, 99sE, Gerber.

Manual Testing

4 Manual Testing

Process Capability Parameters

Sequence  Number ProjectParameters
1Materials Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Isola, Wangling, Zhongying, Panasonic, Shengyi, etc
2Maximum Layer sample 36L/Batch 28L
3Maximum Plate ThicknessSamples 8.0mm/Batch 6.0mm
4Thinnest Plate Thickness2L-0.1mm
5Maximum Panel Size1200 * 610mm
6Minimum Line Width Line Spacing0.075mm (3mil)
7Minimum Pad Spacing0.1mm (4mil)
8Completed Aperture0.15mm-6.3mm
9Hole Wall Copper Thickness> 25um (1mil)
10Appearance Tolerance ± 0.1mm (4mil)
11Impedance Tolerance± 10%
12PTH Aperture Tolerance± 0.075mm (3mil)
13NPTH Hole Tolerance± 0.05mm (2mil)
14Hole Position Deviation± 0.05mm (2mil)
15Minimum Blind Buried Hole0.1mm (4mil)
16Plate Bending and Warping ≤ 0.7%
17Outer Copper Thickness 1oz-5oz
18Lnner Layer Copper Thickness1/2oz-4oz
19Outer Copper Thickness 12:01
20SMT Minimum Green Oil Width0.08mm
21Minimum Green Oil Window Opening0.05mm
22Special ProcessThick gold plate, Ultra thick plate, Depth control drilling, Back drilling, Hole filling electroplating, Copper slurry plug hole, Mmechanical blind hole, etc.
23Surface Treatment ProcessesInclude OSP, Gold precipitation, Silver precipitation, Tin precipitation, Gold plating, Pure gold plating, Thick gold plating, Nickel palladium gold plating, Nickel plating, Tin plating, Tin spraying, etc.

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