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PCB equipment is the equipment for the production of circuit boards, including vacuum packaging machines, adhesive applicators and developers. PCB equipment includes deburring machines, double-sided alkaline etching machines, metal chemical cleaning machines, etching production lines, pre-processing machines, exposure machines, developers, etching and decoupling lines, film length gauge, PP openers, fusion machines, riveting machines, steel target machines, CCD drilling target machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, nailing machines, nail machines, nailing machines, Hole Checker, VCP, HTP, DMSE, Corner Conveyor, AOI Scanner, Overhaul Machine, Flying Pin Tester Patching Machine, Pre-treatment Grinder, Sticky Dust Machine, Ultrasonic Washer, Aluminum Grinder, Silk Screen Printing Machine, High Pressure Water Gun and so on.

In accordance with the classification:

A. PCB Pre-production Equipment:

PCB electronic film developer, fixing agent, automatic punching machine, developing, plating, etching, film removal and other machine nozzles.

B. PCB Machining Equipment:

Vacuum laminating machine, vacuum laminating machine, PCB substrate sanding and grinding machine, PCB molding machine, PCB inner layer fusion machine, automatic alignment fusion machine, PCB press machine and so on.

C. Plating / Wet Process Equipment:

Developing etching and stripping film, chemical nickel gold production line, PCB production line, etc..

D. Screen Printing / Dry Process Equipment:

Provide a variety of UV curing machine, precision hot air oven, oven, human-machine interface UV curing machine, board cleaning machine、Vertical plane screen printing machine, etc.

E. PCB Test / Quality Control Equipment:

Fluorescent plating thickness gauge, surface copper thickness tester, precision type (gas exchange) high temperature testing machine, large constant temperature and humidity chamber, chemical precipitation of nickel automatic add controller, X-ray fluorescent plating thickness gauge, test fixture test frame, weldability tester, Gold Dot electronic high-voltage special tester and so on.

F. PCB / SMT Soldering Installation Equipment:

Lead-free full stainless steel semi-automatic slag reduction machine, fully automatic spray used wave soldering, wave soldering to lead-free and so on.

G. Other Electronic Equipment:

PCB ink mixing equipment, bi-directional rotary ink mixer, circuit board drilling wood pads and aluminum sheets, PCB ink mixer, tin slag reduction machine, etc..

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PCB Production Process in The Board Production Process

A. PCB Production Process Steps

PCB production process mainly includes design, graphics conversion, board making, etching, drilling, coating, welding, testing and cleaning steps.

  1. 1, The Design Stage
  2. Design phase is the starting point for PCB production, through the CAD software for circuit schematic and PCB layout design, to determine the size of the PCB board, wiring, pad size and other information.
  3. 2, Graphics Conversion Stage
  4. After the completion of the design, the circuit schematic and PCB layout diagrams need to be converted into Gerber files in order to make boards and etching and other processes.
  5. 3, Plate Making Stage
  6. Board production is the core of PCB production, through the Gerber file into photoresist film, and then through the exposure, development and other processes will be transferred to the photoresist film graphics on the copper foil, the production of PCB board lines and graphics.
  7. 4, Etching Stage
  8. Etching is the process of removing the unwanted part of copper foil, by immersing the copper foil after board making in etching agent, waiting for a certain period of time, and then etching away the excess copper foil to form the lines and graphics of the PCB board.
  9. 5,Drilling Stage
  10. Drilling refers to the drilling of various holes in the PCB board, including pad holes, positioning holes, mounting holes, etc.. Drilling holes need to use a drill press or drilling machine to operate.
  11. 6, Coating Stage
  12. Coating is to remove the photoresist film on the copper-clad board, and then cover a layer of welding film through the process of drying, storming, etc., in order to carry out subsequent welding operations.
  13. 7, Soldering Stage
  14. Soldering is to install the components to the PCB board, and the process of welding. Soldering process requires the use of soldering iron or welding equipment for operation.
  15. 8,Testing Stage
  16. Inspection is the process of quality inspection of the PCB board after welding, mainly including AOI inspection, X-ray inspection, ICT testing.
  17. 9, Cleaning Stage
  18. Cleaning is the process of cleaning the PCB board after welding, in order to carry out subsequent packaging and assembly operations.

B. PCB production process requires the use of materials

PCB production process requires the use of materials mainly include copper foil, photoresist film, etching agent, welding film, components and so on. Among them, copper foil is the basic material of the PCB board, photoresist film is used to make the PCB board graphics and lines, etching agent is used to etch away the excess copper foil, solder film is used to protect the PCB board lines and pads, components are important parts of the PCB board.

C. PCB production process requires the use of equipment

PCB production process requires the use of equipment mainly includes board making machine, etching machine, drilling machine, coating machine, welding equipment, testing equipment, cleaning equipment and so on. Among them, the board making machine is used to make photoresist film, etching machine is used to etch off the excess copper foil, drilling machine is used to drill holes, coating machine is used to cover the welding film, welding equipment is used to carry out the installation of components and welding, testing equipment is used to carry out the quality of the PCB board, cleaning equipment is used to clean the PCB board after welding.

D. PCB Production Process Matters Needing Attention

  1. 1, The Accuracy of The Design Documents
  2. PCB production success or not with the accuracy of the design documents, so in the design of PCB boards need to be as accurate as possible, and many times to verify and modify.
  3. 2, Precision and Quality of The Board
  4. Board making is the core of PCB production, its accuracy and quality directly affect the quality and stability of the PCB board. Therefore, the process of making the board needs to carry out fine operation and control to ensure the accuracy and quality of making the board.
  5. 3, Etching Control
  6. Etching is one of the key links in the production of PCB, you need to control the etching time, temperature, concentration and other parameters, in order to avoid the emergence of etching is not complete or excessive etching.
  7. 4, The Quality of Welding
  8. Welding is one of the important aspects of PCB production, need to control the welding temperature, time, pressure and other parameters to ensure the quality of welding, to avoid problems such as welding is not solid or pad short circuit.
  9. 5, The Thoroughness of Cleaning
  10. Cleaning is the last link in the production of PCB, you need to ensure the thoroughness of cleaning to avoid leaving residues or water stains, affecting the quality and stability of the PCB board.
  11. 6, Safe Operation
  12. PCB production involves a variety of chemicals and equipment, the need for safe operation to ensure the safety and health of operators.
  13. 7, Environmental Awareness
  14. PCB production involves a variety of chemicals and wastewater waste gas and other issues, the need to pay attention to environmental awareness, to take reasonable waste disposal measures to reduce the impact on the environment.

In summary, PCB production process involves a number of links and details, the need for fine operation and control to ensure the quality and stability of the PCB board. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to safe operation and environmental awareness, and do a good job of waste disposal and other work, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

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