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PCB Assembly (PCBA)

PCB Assembly (PCBA)

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Multimedia Motherboard PCBA

Number of Layers 8 Layers

Surface Treatment: Gold deposition, OSP.

Black Solder Mask

PCB Testing: Yes

PCBA Testing: Yes

PCB Production Available: Yes

Provide Full Set of Electronic Components

PCBA Testing : Yes (Customer to provide test procedure and video)


When it comes to PCB , we are all very familiar with the circuit boards or circuit boards that we often touch. So what is PCBA? Simply put PCBA is PCB after SMT mounting, DIP plug-in and other electronic components assembly, after testing, to form a finished product with certain functions.

a, PCB Board: first we have to PCB board production, so that the made board is just an empty board.

b, Material Inventory: organize the BOM list, the PCBA board needs to be used in the material components and other inventory and preparation.

c, SMT Mounting: electronic components mounted on the surface of the PCB board. Mainly includes paste, patch, reflow soldering.

d, Optical Inspection: Through automatic optical inspection, the camera scans the PCB board, and then after image processing, checks whether there is any error in PCB board welding such as mounting, shifting, wrong foot, missing parts, and so on.

e, ICT Inspection: Through the automatic in-line tester, check the production process, such as component insertion error, mounting reverse, false soldering, short circuit and other problems.

Multimedia Motherboard PCBA-1

f, DIP Plug-in: DIP package components are inserted into the corresponding position on the PCB board.

g, Wave Soldering: after wave soldering, so that the plug-in pins are fixed on the pad, remove the excess pins, clean off the wave soldering traces.

h, ICT Test Again: test the electrical performance of components and soldering defects, from which to find out whether there are components and production process and other issues.

i, Manual Visual Inspection: Review by manual visual inspection, secondary screening.

j, Pass-through Testing: test PCBA boards for multiple connections, misconnections, open circuits, short circuits and poor contact and so on.

k, Program Burning: use the burner to burn the program through the burner port to the PCBA board chip.

Multimedia Motherboard PCBA-1

l, FCT Test: that is, function test, through the simulation of the PCBA board running test, to obtain the output parameters, so as to determine whether the board is functionally qualified.

m, Packaging and Shipping: through the various tests, you can send the PCBA board packaging to the customer.


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