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Computer Motherboard PCBA

Number of Layers 4 Layers

Surface Treatment: Gold deposition, Gold plating, Tin spraying, OSP

Black Solder Mask

PCB Testing: Yes

PCBA Testing: Yes

PCB Production Available: Yes

Provide Full Set of Electronic Components

PCBA Testing : Yes (Customer to provide test procedure and video)


The computer motherboard is the core component of the entire computer system, which bears the important task of connecting various hardware devices and information transmission. The motherboard integrates many electronic components, including circuit boardschipsets, CPU sockets, memory slots, graphics card slots, PCI slots, BIOS chips and so on. The following basic structure of these computer motherboards and the characteristics of domestic industrial motherboards to share.

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a, Circuit Board

Circuit board is a computer motherboard all components of the carrying parts, generally four-layer board or six-layer board, low-grade motherboards are mostly four-layer board, there are four circuits of the main signal layer, ground layer, power supply layer, the signal layer, six-layer board increased auxiliary power supply layer and the signal layer. Therefore, the six-layer PCB motherboard electromagnetic interference resistance is stronger, the motherboard is also more stable.

b, Chipset

Chipset is generally divided into two parts, North Bridge and South Bridge, the North Bridge is mainly responsible for controlling the communication between the CPU, memory, graphics cards, the South Bridge is integrated with the boot, reset, CMOS circuitry, USB, IDE, SATA, PCI, and many other circuits and control modules, they are the core of the entire motherboard.

c, CPU Socket

CPU socket is the place where the processor is installed on the motherboard, it is the most important part of the motherboard, and there are various models of it.

d, Memory Socket

Memory slots are generally located below the CPU socket and are used to install memory on the motherboard. Common memory slots are SDRAM memory, DDR memory slots, different memory slots can not be used interchangeably.

e, Graphics Card Slot

Graphics card slot is not necessarily every motherboard, generally located above the PCI socket, the older more AGP socket. Now generally PCIE, some transitional motherboards have both, and some have two PCIE sockets.

Computer Motherboard PCBA

f, PCI Slot

PCI slot is mostly milky white, is a necessary slot on the motherboard, can be inserted into the soft Modem, sound cards, network cards, multifunction cards and other equipment.

g, BIOS Chip

BIOS chip is the only labeled chip on the motherboard, generally for the double-row inline package. BIOS chip inside the basic input and output system program with the motherboard, allowing the motherboard to identify a variety of hardware, but also can set the boot system devices, adjust the CPU frequency, and so on.

h, AGP Slot

AGP slot is designed for 3D acceleration card interface, it is directly connected to the motherboard's north bridge chip, the color is mostly dark brown. AGP slot can avoid the formation of a system bottleneck through the narrow bandwidth of the PCI bus, increase the speed of 3D graphics data transfer.

i, ATA Interface

ATA interface is used to connect the hard disk and optical drive and other equipment and set up, can be used to support the SATA interface of the hard disk, its transfer speed of up to 150MB / S.

J, Floppy Drive Interface

Floppy drive interface has 34 pins, is used to connect the floppy disk drive, its shape is shorter than the IDE interface.


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