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PCB Assembly (PCBA)

PCB Assembly (PCBA)

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Aeronautical Control Equipment PCBA

Number of Layers 10 Layers

Surface Treatment: Gold plating

Black Solder Mask

PCB Testing: Yes

PCBA Testing: Yes

PCB Production Available: Yes

Provide Full Set of Electronic Components

PCBA Testing : Yes (Customer to provide test procedure and video)


According to different production technology, PCBA has a variety of processes, including single-sided mixed assembly process, single-sided DIP insertion process, single-sided SMT mounting process, single-sided mounting and double-sided mixed assembly process, double-sided SMT mounting process and insertion of mixed process and so on.

PCBA process, involving the carrier board, printing, mounting, reflow soldering, plug-in, wave soldering, testing and quality inspection process.

Different process technology, there are certain process differences, the following process on a variety of detailed description:

a, Single-sided DIP Plug-in.

To plug the PCB board, first by the production line workers to insert electronic components, and then wave soldering, welding and fixing after cleaning the board can be. However, wave soldering efficiency is low.

b, Single-sided SMT Mounting.

First add the solder paste to the component pad, PCB board to complete the solder paste printing, through the reflow soldering electronic materials, and finally reflow soldering.

Aeronautical Control Equipment PCBA-1

c, Single-side Mixed Mounting.

PCB board for solder paste printing, mounting electronic devices for reflow soldering, quality inspection and then do DIP insertion, complete wave soldering or manual welding. If there are few through-hole components, manual soldering is recommended.

d, Mixed Single-sided Mounting and Insertion.

Part of the PCB is a double-sided board, one side of the mounting, one side of the insertion. The process of mounting and insertion with single-sided processing is consistent, but reflow and wave soldering, PCB boards to use the jig.

Aeronautical Control Equipment PCBA-1

e, Double-sided SMT Mounting.

Sometimes PCB design engineers, in order to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the PCB board, usually take double-sided mounting. One side of the arrangement of IC components, the other side of the mounting chip components. Maximize the use of PCB board space, PCB board area minimization.

f, Double-sided Mixed Mounting.

Double-sided mixed assembly has two ways.

The first way of PCBA assembly, need to be heated three times, low efficiency, and the use of red glue process wave soldering welding qualification rate is low, is not recommended.

The second way applies to double-sided SMD components more, THT components less, it is recommended to use manual welding.

PCBA process, that is, after a process of processing, will be a PCB empty board, and ultimately processed into a user-friendly electronic products.

The entire production process, many processes interlocked, any one link out of the problem, will have a great impact on the quality of the product.


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