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Packaging and Delivery

Packaging and Delivery

PCBA Packaging Process

"PCB board packaging" is a crucial process, but many PCB companies for this last process is not too much attention, so a lot of boxing work is just a simple pass, so the PCB board is not well protected, it will lead to PCB board surface easily damaged or friction and other issues.

"PCB board packaging" this step in the PCB factory in the degree of importance, usually less than the process of the STEP, the main reason, on the one hand, of course, because it does not produce added value, on the other hand, Taiwan's manufacturing industry for a long time, do not pay attention to the product packaging can be brought to the benefit of the unquantifiable. So if the PCB company can do a small improvement from the "packaging", there may be great results. Again, such as Flexible PCB is usually a small piece, and the number is very large, if the use of good packaging, in order to the shape of a particular product and special molding to do packaging containers, so that the use of convenient and protective purposes.

1, Must be vacuum-packed.

2, The number of boards per iteration is limited according to the size of too small.

3, The specification of the tightness of the PE film and the width of the edge of each stack.

4, PE film and bubble sheet (Air Bubble Sheet) specifications.

5, The specification of carton pounds and others.

6, Whether there is any special regulation to put buffer before placing boards on the inside of carton.

7, Specification of rate resistance after sealing.

8, Weight limit per carton.

At present, the domestic vacuum skin packaging (Vacuum Skin Packaging) is similar, the main difference is only the effective working area and the degree of automation.

Vacuum Skin Packaging

1, Preparation: PE film will be positioned, manually operate the mechanical action is normal, set the PE film heating temperature, vacuum time.

2, Ust consider how to stack, so that the maximum output, but also the most material saving, the following are a few principles:

  1. 1) Each iteration of the board spacing, depending on the specifications of the PE film (thickness), (standard 0.2m / m), the use of its softening and elongation of the principle of heating, while sucking the vacuum, after being covered with boards and bubble cloth adhesive. Its spacing is generally at least twice the total thickness of each iteration of the board. Too large is a waste of material; too small is more difficult to cut and very easy to stick at the fall off or simply can not stick.
  2. 2) The outermost board and the edge of the distance must be at least double the thickness of the distance.
  3. 3) If the size of the PANEL is not large, according to the above packing method, it will be a waste of materials and labor. If the quantity is very large, it can also be similar to the packaging of flexible boards to make containers by molding, and then do PE film shrink packaging. There is another way, but we have to ask the customer's permission, there is no space between each stack of boards, but separated by cardboard, take the right number of stacks. There is also cardboard or corrugated paper underneath.

3, Start:

  1. 1) Press start, after heating the PE film, led by the frame down and cover the table
  2. 2) Then by the bottom of the vacuum pump suction and tightly attached to the circuit board, and bubble cloth adhesive
  3. 3) To be removed from the heater so that it cools down after the frame
  4. 4) Cut off the PE film, pull open the chassis, you can cut the separation of each iteration.

4, Crating: Crating method, if the customer specified, it must be in accordance with customer crating specifications; if the customer is not specified, but also to protect the board delivery process is not the principle of external damage to set up the factory crating specifications, precautions, as mentioned earlier, especially the export of the product crating is to be paid special attention to.

5, Other Notes:

  1. 1) The information that must be written on the outside of the box, such as "mouth wheat head", material number (P/N), version, cycle, quantity, important information. And Made in Taiwan (if exported).
  2. 2) Attach relevant quality certificates, such as slices, weldability reports, test records, and a variety of customer-requested test reports, and place them in the manner specified by the customer.

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Packaging and Delivery

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