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What are the circuit board components included?

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Circuit board components mainly include the following:

Resistors: Used to regulate and stabilize current and voltage, they can be used for current limiting, voltage dividing, biasing, etc. They can also be used as shunts, voltage dividers or circuits for load matching. In circuits, resistors are also used for negative or positive feedback in amplifier circuits, voltage-current conversion, voltage or current protection in case of input overload, and as oscillating, filtering, bypassing, differentiating, integrating, and time-constant elements in RC circuits.

Capacitors: Usually used as filters, they can filter signals in circuits, provide energy storage for circuits, and reduce load voltage fluctuations. Capacitor frequency impedance characteristics so that it can stabilize the output voltage, and play a decoupling role in the circuit, purify the DC power supply.

Diode: Has a unidirectional conductive properties, can be converted to DC alternating current, rectifier function. In addition, the diode can also be used as a voltage stabilizer, circuit protection components, switching components and detection components.

Triode: Often used as a switching element in digital circuits to control the switching of circuits through its on and off characteristics.

Integrated Circuits: Including microprocessors, memories, etc., are the core components of electronic circuits and are used to realize specific functions.

Connectors: Used to connect circuit boards to other equipment or between circuit boards to ensure the transmission of signals and power.

In addition, circuit board components include other components such as inductors, crystal oscillators, transformers, LEDs, batteries, etc., as well as auxiliary materials such as printed circuit boards, specialized materials for electronic functional processes, electronic adhesive (tape) products, electronic chemical materials and parts. These components together form the basis of the circuit board, for the normal operation of the circuit to provide the necessary support and protection.


Relay: Relay is a kind of component that uses electromagnetic effect to realize switch control. On circuit boards, relays are often used to control high-current or high-voltage circuits for safety isolation and remote control.

Sensors: A sensor is a component that converts a physical quantity (e.g., temperature, pressure, light intensity, etc.) into an electrical signal. On circuit boards, sensors are used to detect and feed back information about the external environment or the state of a circuit, providing input signals to the control system.

Crystal: A crystal (crystal oscillator) is a component that generates a stable frequency signal. In circuit boards, crystals are often used to provide clock signals to microprocessors or other digital circuits to ensure that they operate according to a predetermined timing sequence.

Filters: Filters are used to filter signals in a circuit to remove unwanted frequency components. In circuit boards, filters are often used to improve the quality of the signal and enhance the performance of the circuit.

Sockets and Plugs: These components are used to connect circuit boards to other devices or components. Sockets are usually fixed to the circuit board, while plugs are used to insert sockets to make circuit connections.

Heat Sinks: For some components that generate a lot of heat (e.g., high-power resistors, transistors, etc.), heat sinks need to be installed in order to dissipate the heat and ensure the proper functioning of the components and the stable operation of the circuit board.

In addition, there are some special features of the components, such as fuses, thermistors, varistors, etc., which are used to protect the circuit board from excessive current, temperature and other adverse factors.

Therefore, there is a wide variety of circuit board components, each of which has its specific function and role. When designing and fabricating circuit boards, you need to choose the right components according to the actual needs to ensure the performance and stability of the circuit board.

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