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Microwave PCB

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Microwave PCB

Line Width : 3.5MIL ;

Line Spacing : 4.5MIL ;

Drilling Diameter : =0.2mm ;

Processing Size : 800 * 900mm

Plate Thickness : 5mm ;

Processing Layers : 5 layers;

Special Process : Thick gold plate, ultra thick plate, depth control drilling, back drilling, hole filling electroplating, cmechanical blind hole, etc.

Surface Treatment Processes : Include OSP, gold precipitation, silver precipitation, tin precipitation, gold plating, pure gold plating, nickel plating, tin plating, tin spraying, etc.


With the continuous development and progress of High frequency microwave communication technology, the demand for microwave printed circuit boards is increasing. Civilian and military radar, antenna, radio and television, mobile communications, fiber optic communications, computers, home appliances and a large number of electronic products, are used in microwave printed circuit boards.

However, the traditional single-and double-sided microwave printed circuit boards have been unable to meet the requirements of high wiring density and high precision, the processing of multilayer microwave printed circuit boards are increasingly urgent. But the manufacture of multilayer microwave printed circuit boards is not so simple. In the manufacture of multilayer microwave printed circuit boards, the United States has mastered all.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>Microwave PCB</a>

High frequency PCB technology and products occupy an increasingly important position, the development of High frequency circuit substrate materials also appeared high-speed, which is more important on the one hand is the choice of low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss factor of the material, which is the PCB substrate materials to achieve high-speed, High frequency important performance items.

Substrate material dielectric constant and dielectric loss relationship to discuss, and their relationship with the external environment to make the corresponding exposition, so that in the manufacture of PCB on a variety of substrate materials to carry out a reasonable and correct assessment and use.


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