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Microwave PCB

Microwave PCB

Dielectric Constant: 2.2-16

PCB Layers: 1 Layer - Multilayer Mixing

PCB Thickness: 0.1mm-12mm

Copper Thickness: 0.7oz-3oz

Surface Technology: Silver, Gold, OSP

Application: Aerospace, Aviation, Medical, Military, Etc.


A. Working Principle of Multilayer Microwave Circuit Boards

Multilayer microwave circuit boards are composed of several layers of composite materials, each of which can be used as part of the circuit board. The entire circuit board consists of copper foil and insulating material, the copper foil plays the role of conductive, insulating material to isolate each layer.

The working principle of multi-layer microwave circuit board is based on the theory of microwave circuit transmission line, which utilizes microwave lines, microstrip lines and other conductor structures to realize the transmission and coupling of electromagnetic waves. It can separate signals on one path into two or more signals, realize multi-channel co-linear transmission, and can integrate multiple circuits. Multilayer microwave circuit boards have high frequency operating characteristics and are suitable for high-speed communications, radar, satellite communications, medical imaging and other fields.


B. The Structure of The Multilayer Microwave Circuit Board Composition

Multilayer microwave circuit boards are generally composed of the following parts:

  1. a, substrate layer: made of glass fiber, ceramic, polyimide and other materials, as the basic structure of the multilayer microwave circuit board.
  2. b, Conductive Foil Layer: made of copper foil material, which plays the role of electromagnetic wave transmission.
  3. c, Insulation layer: made of insulating materials such as PTFE, FR-4 or ceramic, used to separate different layers and channels.
  4. d, attenuation, coupling layer: used to realize the energy conversion of electromagnetic wave, and at the same time play a role in preventing the signal backflow.


C. The Application of Multilayer Microwave Circuit Boards

Multilayer microwave circuit boards are widely used in communications, radar, satellite communications, medical imaging, military and other fields. Among them, high frequency microwave communications is one of its main applications. Multilayer microwave circuit boards can realize high-speed data transmission, and can realize the communication of multiple sites, with efficient and stable transmission characteristics.

In addition, multilayer microwave circuit boards are also widely used in radar systems. As the radar system needs to monitor the weather, signal strength, target distance and speed and other information in real time, multilayer microwave circuit boards can reduce the signal transmission delay and distortion by realizing multi-channel co-linear transmission, as well as improve the accuracy of the radar system.

In conclusion, multilayer microwave circuit board is a very valuable electronic device, and its appearance has greatly promoted the development of modern information technology. It is believed that multilayer microwave circuit boards will continue to play an important role in the future development.


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