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Isola PCB

Isola PCB

Board Material: Isola FR408HR

Number of Layers: 4 layers

Thickness: 1.0mm

Surface Technology: immersion gold

Copper Thickness: 1oz

Minimum Line Width/Spacing: 6mil/6mil

Special Process: IC foot spacing is small, minimum solder mask bridge width is 4mil, solder mask window headroom is 1.5mil, process control is extremely difficult for heterogeneous inks.


About High Frequency PCB

PCB high frequency board is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency, used for high frequency (frequency greater than 300MHz or wavelength. In general, high frequency board can be defined as a circuit board with a frequency higher than 1GHz. The substrate material needs to have excellent electrical properties and good chemical stability. The importance of high frequency circuit boards is emphasized by the fact that as the frequency of the power signal increases, there is very little loss on the substrate. PCB high-frequency circuit boards with induction heating technology have been widely used in the communications industry, promoting the development of network technology and high-speed information processing systems, to meet the use of many high-precision parameter instrumentation requirements, reliable high-frequency circuit boards in the actual production of a great help then, so powerful high-frequency circuit boards have what advantages?


High Efficiency

Small dielectric constant of the high frequency circuit board will also be very small loss, advanced induction heating technology can meet the requirements of the target heating and high efficiency. Of course, while focusing on efficiency, it is also characterized by environmental protection, which is very suitable for today's society.

Fast Speed

Transmission speed is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant, which means that the smaller the dielectric constant, the faster the transmission speed. This is the advantage of high frequency circuit boards. The use of special materials ensures the small dielectric constant and maintains the stability of operation. It is very important for signal transmission.

Large Degree of Adjustable Control

Widely used in various industries for precision metal material heating and processing needs of high-frequency circuit boards, in its field of technology, not only to achieve the heating of different depth parts, but also for the local characteristics of the focus of the heating, whether it is the surface or the deep level, centralized or decentralized heating can be easily completed.


Highly Resistant

Dielectric constant and medium have certain requirements on the environment, especially in the south. Humid weather can seriously affect the use of circuit boards. High-frequency circuit boards made of materials with very low water absorption can challenge this environment. At the same time, it also has the advantages of chemical resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, and high peel strength, which makes the high frequency circuit boards exert powerful performance.


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