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Xinchenger Electronic High Frequency PCB Related Concepts Explained

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A, High Frequency High-speed Material Requirements Concept:

  1. a, Low dielectric constant (Low Dk): low dielectric constant can enhance the signal transmission speed;
  2. b, Low fugitive (loss) factor (Low Df): with the increase in frequency, the loss of strength will also increase, so high frequency high-speed communication more low fugitive factor materials to design and production;
  3. c, Conductor surface roughness signal frequency, the higher the skin effect (Skin effect) is more obvious, so the signal transmission conductor surface is more flat the better;
  4. d, εeff : dielectric constant (effective dielectric constant) tanδ;
  5. e, Dissipation factor (dissipation factor);
  6. f, f : frequency (frequency);
  7. g, c : light speed (light speed).


B, Xinchenger Electronic high frequency PCB circuit board qualities concept description:

  1. a, Dielectric Constant: Dk or Er (ε)
  2. Each "unit volume" of the insulating material, in each unit of the "potential gradient" can save "electrostatic energy" (Electrostatic Energy) of how much. How much electrostatic energy can be stored per unit of "potential gradient" of the insulating material." The "dielectric constant" (or transmittance) of an insulating material should be as small as possible. Currently the board to Teflon (PTFE), in the 1MHZ frequency dielectric constant of 2.5 is the best, FR-4 about 4.7. circuit boards can be regarded as a capacitive device, the wire has a signal transmission, there will be part of the energy is accumulated by the circuit board, resulting in transmission delays, the higher the frequency of the delay is more apparent.
  3. b, Dissipation Factor : Df
  4. A measure of the functional loss of alternating current. A property of insulating materials (resins). It is directly proportional to the loss of electrical work seen, and inversely proportional to the frequency of the cycle (f), the square of the potential gradient (E2), and the unit volume.
  5. c, Conductor Surface Roughness
  6. Conductor surface roughness morphology of the resistance to heat, resulting in the loss of signal energy, both for the conductor loss. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the signal traveling between the conductor, will only be concentrated on the surface of the conductor, that is, the "skin effect". The flatter the surface roughness is, the more favorable the signal transmission, the PCB layer followed by the strength of the conductor surface roughness. The higher the surface roughness of the conductor, the resin and conductor adhesion area is larger, and then the higher the strength.

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