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What Equipment Does Xinchenger Electronics Have In Printed Circuit Board Production?

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Xinchenger Electronics has a range of advanced production equipment for the production of printed circuit boards to ensure an efficient and accurate manufacturing process. The following are some common types of equipment:

Photolithography machine: Used to transfer circuit patterns from film to circuit boards, forming circuit graphics through exposure and development processes.

Etchers: Etch away the copper layer on the circuit board that is not protected by photoresist to form the desired conductive circuit.

Drilling machine: Used to drill the required perforations on the circuit board for conductive connections between different layers.

Spraying machine: Spraying metal layers, such as copper, tin, etc., on circuit boards to increase conductivity or as soldering points.

Laminator: Used to press multiple layers of circuit boards together to ensure a good connection between the layers.

Cutting machine: To cut large circuit boards into the required small pieces for subsequent processing and assembly.

Testing equipment: Such as flying probe testers, automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment, etc., used to test the conductivity and appearance quality of circuit boards.

Soldering equipment: Such as wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, etc., used to solder components to the circuit board.

Surface treatment equipment: Such as sandblasting machines, plating equipment, etc., used to clean the surface of the circuit board, treatment or enhance the conductivity.


Environmental treatment equipment: Such as waste water treatment equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment, etc., to ensure that the production process meets environmental requirements.

Horizontal copper deposition line: Used to deposit copper layers on the holes and surfaces of circuit boards to increase conductivity. This type of equipment allows for fast, uniform copper layer deposition and increased production efficiency.

Chemical etching equipment: Chemically etches away unwanted copper layers on circuit boards to form fine circuit lines. This kind of equipment can realize high precision etching effect and ensure the quality of circuit boards.

Automatic insertion machine: Used to automatically insert electronic components into the corresponding holes on the circuit board, improving production efficiency and reducing manual operation errors.

Wave soldering equipment: The components on the circuit board are soldered by molten metal wave to realize the electrical connection between the components and the circuit board. This equipment is suitable for high volume production, improving soldering efficiency and quality.

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment: Automated inspection of circuit boards utilizing high resolution cameras and image processing technology to identify potential manufacturing defects, bad soldering and other issues. This equipment improves product yields and quality control.

X-ray inspection equipment: Non-destructive inspection of the inside of circuit boards through X-ray fluoroscopy technology is used to identify and troubleshoot potential soldering defects, foreign objects, and other problems. This equipment is very important to ensure the quality and reliability of the circuit board.

PrinterUsed to print logos, production dates, batch numbers and other information on circuit boards to facilitate product traceability and management.

These are among the advanced equipment that may be used by Xinchenger Electronics in the printed circuit board production process, and they work together to ensure efficient, high-quality circuit board production. Of course, the specific equipment to be used also depends on the company's production scale, technical level and market demand and other factors.

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