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What are the PCB equipments?

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PCB equipment mainly includes the following categories:

PCB Pre-production Equipment:  Including electronic film developer, fixing agent, automatic film punching machine, developing, plating, etching, film removal and other machine nozzles.

PCB Machining Equipment: Including vacuum laminator, vacuum press, PCB substrate sanding and grinding machine, PCB molding machine, PCB inner layer fusion machine, automatic alignment fusion machine, PCB press machine, etc..

Plating/Wet Process Equipment: Including developing, etching and stripping, chemical nickel and gold production line, PCB production line, etc.

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Screen Printing / Dry Process Equipment: Including a variety of UV curing machine, precision hot air oven, oven, human-machine interface UV curing machine, CM-650 board cleaning machine, etc..

PCB test/quality Control Equipment: Including CMI900X fluorescence coating thickness gauge, CMI563 surface copper thickness tester, COMPACT ECO-PCB X-ray fluorescence coating thickness gauge, test fixtures test racks and so on.

PCB/SMT Soldering Installation EquipmentIncluding lead-free full stainless steel semi-automatic slag reduction machine, automatic spray used wave soldering, wave soldering to lead-free business, etc..

PCB Cutting Equipment: Including manual cutting machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, fully automatic cutting machine, etc.. These equipments are used to cut PCB boards according to the design requirements to get the required size and shape.

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PCB Drilling Equipment: including manual drilling machines, semi-automatic drilling machines, fully automatic drilling machines, etc.. These equipments are used to drill holes in PCB boards for component mounting and connection.

PCB Soldering Equipment: Including manual soldering table, automatic soldering machine, etc.. These equipments are used to solder components to PCB boards for circuit connection and functionality.

PCB Inspection Equipment: Including visual inspection equipment, X-ray inspection equipment, ultrasonic inspection equipment and so on. These equipments are used to inspect PCB boards to ensure their quality and reliability.

PCB Cleaning Equipment:  Used to clean the residues on PCB boards, such as solder, flux, etc., to ensure the cleanliness and quality of PCB boards.

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PCB Engraving Equipment: Used for engraving text, patterns and other markings on PCB boards to facilitate the identification and differentiation of different PCB boards.

PCB Pressing Equipment:  Used to press the multi-layer PCB board together to achieve the three-dimensional layout of the circuit and better electrical performance.

PCB Bending Equipment: Used to bend PCB boards into desired shapes and angles to meet the needs of specific applications.

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These devices also play an important role in the PCB manufacturing process and can be selected and used according to actual needs. At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology, the degree of automation and intelligence of PCB equipment is also increasing, providing more convenience and possibilities for the development of PCB manufacturing industry.

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