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What are The Important Indicators for Selecting High Frequency PCB Materials?

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When selecting substrates for high frequency PCBs, it is important to examine in particular the material's dielectric constant (DK) and its change in characteristics at different frequencies. For the requirements focusing on high-speed signal transmission, or characteristic impedance control requirements, the focus is on the DF and its performance under frequency, temperature and humidity conditions.

The general type of substrate materials in the frequency change conditions, showing a large change in the DK, DF value of the law. Especially in the frequency of 1MHz to 1GHz, their DK, DF value changes are more obvious.For example, the general type epoxy resin a glass fiber cloth-based substrate material (general type FR-4) in the frequency of l MHz under the DK value of 4.7, while in the frequency of 1 GHz under the DK value of 4.19. More than 1GHz, the change in its DK value tends to be flat. The trend of its change is with the increase of frequency, and become smaller (but the magnitude of the change is not large), and the change of DK value at l0GHz is 4.7.

For example, in l0GHz, the general FR a 4 DK value of 4.15, with high-speed, high frequency characteristics of the substrate material in the case of frequency change, DK value change is small, since 1MHz to 1GHz under the change in frequency, DK more to stay in the 0.02 range of changes. Its DK value in different frequency conditions from low to high, a slight tendency to decline.

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General type substrate material dielectric loss factor (DF), in by frequency change (especially in the high frequency range of change) and produce DF value change than DK. The rule of change is tending to increase, therefore, in evaluating the high frequency characteristics of a substrate material, it is necessary to examine the focus of its DF value changes.

With high-speed high frequency characteristics of the substrate material, in high frequency changes in the characteristics of the general type of substrate material there are two types of obviously different types: a class is with the change in frequency, its (DF) value change is very small. There is also a class that has a lower (DF) value in spite of the fact that the magnitude of change is similar to that of the general-type substrate material.

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