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What About High Frequency Circuit Boards? What Are The Characteristics of Its Board?

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A. The Characteristics of The Board of High Frequency Circuit Boards:

  1. a, DK should be small and stable enough, usually the smaller the better, high DK may lead to delayed signal transmission.
  2. b, DF should be very small, which mainly affects the quality of signal transmission, smaller DF can reduce the signal loss accordingly.
  3. c, Thermal expansion coefficient should be the same as copper foil as far as possible, because the difference will lead to the separation of copper foil during hot and cold changes.
  4. d, Water absorption must be low in humid environment, high water absorption will affect DK and DF.
  5. e, Heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, peel resistance must be good.

B. The Processing of High Frequency Circuit Board Special Features:

  1. a, Impedance control requirements are more stringent, the relative line width control is very strict, the general tolerance of about two percent.
  2. b, Due to the special board, so the PTH sink copper adhesion is not high, usually with the help of plasma processing equipment, such as the first hole and surface roughening treatment to increase the PTH hole copper and solder resist ink adhesion.
  3. c, Can not do solder mask before grinding plate, otherwise the adhesion will be very poor, only with micro-etching potion and other roughing.
  4. d, Most of the board is PTFE materials, molding with an ordinary milling cutter will have a lot of burrs, need a special milling cutter.
  5. e, High frequency circuit board is a higher electromagnetic frequency of special circuit boards, generally speaking, high frequency can be defined as a frequency of 1GHz or more.

High Frequency Circuit Boards

C. The Development Trend of High Frequency Circuit Boards:

High frequency electronic equipment is today's development trend, especially in the wireless network. The rapid development of satellite communications, information products to high-speed, high frequency. Therefore the development of new products always need to use high frequency substrate, satellite systems, cell phone receiving base station, etc., these communication products must use high frequency PCB.

Xinchenger Electronics specializes in the production of 2-20 layers of high frequency circuit boards: Rogers high frequency boards, Tacoinc high frequency boards, F4B high frequency boards, 5.8G inductor boards, TP-2 high frequency boards, etc., source factories; quality assurance, rapid prototyping, expedited sampling 12 hours.

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