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Special PCB Circuit Boards in The High Frequency Board and High-speed Board Difference

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With the development of science and technology, the demand for high frequency and high-speed boards for electronic equipment is increasing. Due to the use of different environments, high frequency boards and high-speed boards have a lot of common features and some differences, while they are special PCB circuit boards. So what is the difference between high frequency boards and high speed boards in special PCB circuit boards?

Electronic equipment products in different industries work with different frequency bands, which in turn leads to different products in different industries have different requirements for high frequency and high-speed boards. Therefore, the choice of electronic equipment products in different industries, high-speed board and high frequency board will be different.

A. The Board Material Dielectric Constant Dk and Dielectric Loss Df.

Speaking of high frequency boards and high-speed boards, it is inevitable to talk about two concepts "dielectric constant - Dk" and "dielectric loss - Df". Used for high-speed digital signal transmission PCB dielectric layer, not only play the role of the insulating layer between the conductor, more importantly, it plays the role of the "characteristic impedance", but also affects the signal transmission speed, signal attenuation and heat.

The size of the dielectric loss (Df) indicates the degree of attenuation of signal transmission. This attenuation of signal transmission is often generated by heat and consumption. With high frequency and high-speed digital signal transmission, signal attenuation and heat consumption is bound to increase rapidly with high frequency and high-speed digital signal transmission.

For high frequency and high-speed digital signal transmission, the smaller the dielectric loss (Df) the better. In the development of high-speed products and high frequency products, are required to plate dielectric constant (Dk) and dielectric loss (Df) to the smaller direction. However, high frequency products and high-speed products on the demand for the plate there are still some differences.


B. High-speed Material Characteristics of High-speed Products Pay More Aattention to The Dielectric Loss of The Plate (Df).

The market commonly used high-speed board material grade is also based on the size of the dielectric loss (Df) to divide. Different substrate materials according to the substrate dielectric loss is divided into regular loss, medium loss, low loss, very low loss, ultra-low loss and so on five transmission signal loss corresponding level.

C. High Frequency Material Characteristics Compared with High-speed Materials.

High frequency materials pay more attention to the size and change of the material dielectric constant (Dk). High frequency products are very sensitive to changes in material dielectric constant (Dk). Therefore, high frequency materials focus on the stability of the dielectric constant (Dk), as well as the thickness of the material medium, the temperature drift coefficient of the material, and the strobe performance of the material.

High frequency boards are roughly categorized according to the dielectric constant (Dk) of the material. Materials with the same dielectric constant (Dk) are considered similar and can be substituted for each other.

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