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Shenzhen Xinchenger PCB Electronics Strength Factory with Process Capabilities

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Shenzhen Xinchenger Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB circuit board production company with the following process capabilities:

Multi-layer PCB Production: 

The company has the ability to produce 2-36 layers of high-frequency microwave RF induction printed circuit boards.

High Frequency Board Production: 

Specialising in the production of high frequency, high-precision, high-density environmentally friendly PCB circuit boards.

Multiple Board Production: 

Products include high frequency PCB circuit boards, Rogers high frequency boards, Taconic high frequency boards, F4B/Teflon high frequency boards, microwave RF boards, special circuit boards and so on.

Industry Application: 

We have rich experience in the production of high-frequency circuit boards used in ai intelligent equipment, data communication, wireless communication base station, radar system, automobile, aviation and navigation, medical treatment, and military industry.

High Frequency Board Stock: 

The company always have domestic and imported high frequency boards, such as Rogers, Taconic , Isola, F4B (Teflon), TP-2, FR4, etc., with a complete range of models, dielectric constant 2.2-10.6.


Quick Service: 

We can provide 24 hours quick sample service to help customers win business opportunities.

Expertise and Experience: 

The company has more than 15 years of production experience, skilled craftsmanship, engineering technology and quality service.

Personnel Training and Introduction: 

Focusing on personnel training and introduction, we have a professional and dedicated, experienced and high-quality technology, production and management team.

Brand Building: 

Is casting its own brand with a new look, to become a professional manufacturer of high-frequency microwave printed circuit boards for AI intelligent equipment vendors.

Customer Service: 

With high quality, fast delivery, excellent after-sales service and high level of professional ethics to win the praise of customers.

Expedited Sampling: 

The company provides expedited sampling services to meet customer demand for rapid samples of high frequency PCBs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 

The company provides the service of minimum order of 1 piece, providing customers with flexible order options.

Technical Support: 

The company has senior engineers, senior craftsmen and other types of management personnel, able to provide professional technical support.


Foreign Information Technology Support: 

The company has foreign information technology support, which can provide high quality products and services.

Quality Control: 

The company focuses on quality control to ensure that its products meet the high standard requirements of customers.

After-sales Service: 

The company provides high-quality after-sales service to solve the problems encountered by customers in the process of use.

Market Network: 

The company has a wide market network, the products are sold to many countries and regions around the world.


The company has established co-operative relationship with many famous enterprises to develop and produce PCB circuit boards.

Equipment Display: 

The company has advanced production equipment that can meet the needs of different customers.

These process capabilities demonstrate the professional strength of Shenzhen Xinchenger Electronics Co., Ltd. in the field of PCB electronics and the comprehensive satisfaction of customers' needs. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and has won the trust and praise of customers.

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