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Rogers HF Laminate RO3003G2, 77G Automotive Radar PCB Material Selection

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Millimeter-wave radar technology is gradually expanding to the civilian field, such as radar sensors for automotive driver assistance systems. Among them, 77G millimeter wave radar is the mainstream direction of automobile forward, mainly applied to forward collision avoidance and automatic cruise. 77G millimeter wave radar frequency has reached E-band, which has extremely strict requirements for PCB material loss factor and dielectric constant stability and other characteristics. Rogers developed RO3003G2 high-frequency laminate on the basis of RO3000 series PTFE material, which is suitable for 77G automotive millimeter wave radar sensor design.

RO3003G2 adopts the optimal PTFE resin, ceramic filler and very low roughness electrolytic copper foil. 5 mil RO3003G2 material, for example, the dielectric constant of 77GHz frequency test is 3.07, loss 1.3dB/inch. Compared with the traditional RO3003 material, RO3003G2 is a strengthened version of the dielectric constant stability and loss factor is comprehensively Better than the former, the two loss factor indicators such as the following chart.


From the figure, it can be seen that 5 mil thickness RO3003G2, under the same conditions, 77GHz frequency test loss 1.3dB/inch, RO3003 loss is 2dB/inch. RO3003G2 adopts a new very low roughness electrolytic copper foil material, which reduces the conductor loss at high frequency, and can improve the 77G automotive radar sensor's RF performance such as transmit power and receive sensitivity.RO3003G2 HF laminate performance is as follows.

RO3003G2 HF laminate has lower insertion loss, more stable change of dielectric constant, and close to the omni-directional coefficient of thermal expansion of copper, which can provide 77G automotive radar sensor design engineers with more performance advantages of PCB products compared with the previous generation of RO3003 material.

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