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Into the Xinchenger Electronics, to understand the high frequency PCB board manufacturing process

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Circuit board is an essential part of electronic equipment, with the development of science and technology, the emergence of more intelligent products, the frequency of the required PCB board more and more high. In order to figure out how the high frequency PCB board is produced, and Xinchenger Electronics is equipped with 200,000 rpm 6-axis drilling machine with Electronics into the high frequency PCB production workshop, to further understand the layers of high frequency PCB board printing process.

A. High Frequency PCB Board Manufacturing Process:

The first step is to open the material. Board as the core material for the production of printed circuit boards, bearing the printed circuit board conductive, insulating, supporting the three major functions, the quality of which determines the performance of the printed circuit board, quality, manufacturing in the processing, manufacturing level, manufacturing costs and long-term reliability.

Other manufacturing processes are: the inner line, compression, laser drilling, mechanical drilling, copper sinking, plating, graphics, solder resist, text, flying pins, molding and other production lines.

B. High Frequency PCB Board Mechanical Drilling:

In the PCB industry, mechanical drilling has been the mainstream PCB drilling method, it is through the use of CNC technologycontrol the high-speed rotation of the cutting drill and PCB board high-speed and accurate relative movement, to achieve the PCB board drilling processing in different locations.

Xinchenger Electronics is equipped with 200,000 rpm 6-axis drilling machine with positioning accuracy within 50 μm and repeatability within 25 μm; the use of fully digitalized dynamic simulation and analysis design means, high-precision accessories and scientific and mature manufacturing process, as well as strict quality control, to ensure that the machine's high-precision drilling accuracy. The three axes are driven by high-speed linear motors, with advanced digital control technology and excellent performance of the high speed spindle, as well as independent fast drilling function, to ensure high efficiency drilling efficiency, drilling 0.25mm small aperture faster.


C. high Frequency PCB Board Plating and Copper Sinking:

In the high frequency PCB board electroplating copper pre-treatment, generally use the copper sinking process and conductive adhesive process, compared to the low sinking cost of conductive adhesive process, Xinchenger Electronics insists on using high-cost copper sinking process to ensure the reliability of the PCB.

Xinchenger Electronics is equipped with 200,000 rpm 6-axis drilling machine with Electronics uses a more advanced and reliable horizontal copper sinking line - deburring and debinding slag horizontal copper sinking line to ensure the quality of the process and production efficiency. Compared with the traditional process of vertical copper immersion line, horizontal copper immersion line copper deposition speed, high palladium concentration, suitable for high aspect ratio board production, aspect ratio of 12:1, and the inner layer of copper and hole copper bonding force is better, fast deposition rate, for the blind holes can be deposited on a good layer of chemical copper, to do the pressure of the HDI board.

D. High Frequency PCB Board LDI Exposure:

Xichenger Electronics is equipped with LDI exposure machine, the device simply import the corresponding line graphic files, put into the pressure of the membrane of the substrate board, the implementation of the exposure, with the laser light source energy to make the graphics area of the dry film curing, and greatly improve the quality of the product. Through the laser scanning method, the image is directly imaged on the PCB, the image is finer and more accurate.

In the actual production, Xinchenger electronic use of LDI exposure machine for high-precision exposure, for the demand for high-precision communication module boards, industrial boards, the minimum line width line spacing can reach 3mil, in order to meet the PCB board precision line design.

Xinchenger electronic standing RogersTaconic, Isola, F4B (Teflon), TP-2, FR4 and other high frequency materials, a complete range of models, to provide high frequency PCB board prototyping, production, processing services, expedited 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, etc., craftsmanship, high test pass rate.

Xinchenger Electronics, a different high frequency PCB board prototyping manufacturer, specializing in difficult unconventional boards, precision boards, special boards, to meet the customer's multi-faceted high frequency PCB prototyping production needs!

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