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How to Ensure the Accuracy of Circuit Board Size in High Frequency PCB Processing?

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With the continuous discovery of electronic technology, the demand for high frequency PCB for electronic products is also higher and higher, as an indispensable part of the electronic equipment, its quality and performance on the stability and reliability of the whole system has a crucial impact. In the high frequency pcb circuit board processing process, dimensional accuracy is a crucial factor, if not guaranteed, it will have a great impact on the quality and performance of the entire electronic equipment. So, how to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the high frequency PCB processing process?

A. The Use of High-quality Rraw Materials:

In the process of high frequency PCB processing, the choice of raw materials is a very critical link. High-quality raw materials can bring better circuit board materials and performance, which is conducive to ensuring dimensional accuracy. In the selection of raw materials, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

a, The quality and durability of the material.

b, The dimensional accuracy and stability of the material.

c, The impact of the material on the impedance of electronic equipment, signal transmission and other characteristics.

B. The Selection of High-precision Processing Technology:

In addition to high-quality raw materials, the use of high-precision processing technology is also necessary to ensure dimensional accuracy. In the process of circuit board processing, each link needs to cooperate with each other to ensure the stability and accuracy of the entire process.

a, Accuracy of circuit board design.

b, Positioning accuracy of the inner layer board.

c, Control of drilling accuracy and positioning accuracy.

d, Control of cutting accuracy and positioning accuracy.


C. Strict Quality Control

In the process of circuit board processing, strict quality control is the key to ensure dimensional accuracy. In the entire processing process, we need to carry out multiple tests and measurements to ensure that the size of each link can accurately meet the requirements. In the quality control process, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

a, The accuracy and precision of the testing and measuring equipment.

b, Quality sampling for each link.

c, Measure the stability and accuracy of the entire processing process.

In short, dimensional accuracy is a crucial factor in the circuit board processing process, only through high-quality raw materials, high-precision machining processes, strict quality control to ensure that the quality and performance of the entire electronic device.

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