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How to Draw a Simple PCB High Frequency Board Circuit Diagram?

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The design of a simple PCB high frequency board circuit diagram can be divided into seven steps to complete.

a, Design Drawing Size

Protel 99/ Schematic after the conceptualization of the parts diagram is essential to set the right size of the drawing, the so-called appropriate drawing is based on the size of the circuit diagram, the right size of the drawing is the basis for the design of a good schematic.

b, Set Protel 99/Schematic Design Environment

Here said the environment design, including setting the size and type of grid points, cursor type, etc., of course, most of the parameters using the default values on it.

c, Rotating Parts

Users in accordance with the needs of PCB high frequency board circuit diagrams, parts from the parts library to take out and place on the drawing, and the placement of parts of the serial number, the parts package to define and set up and other work.


d, With Schematic Wiring

The use of Protel 99/Schematic provides a variety of tools to connect the components on the drawing with electrically significant wires, symbols, constitute a complete schematic.

e, Adjust the Line

The preliminary drawing of the circuit diagram for further adjustment and modification, making the schematic diagram more beautiful.

f, Report Output

Through the Protel 99/Schematic provides a variety of reporting tools to generate a variety of reports, the most important report is the network table, through the network table for the subsequent preparation of the circuit board design.

g, File Saving and Printout

The final step is to save the file and print out.

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