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High Demand Sheet-PTFE High Frequency Sheet

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A. PTFE high frequency plate sheet introduction:

PTFE high frequency plate as electronic information high-tech industries in China in recent years has been rapid development. Especially in recent years, PTFE high frequency plate industry has ushered in an "unprecedented" development opportunities, major manufacturers are increasing R & D innovation, and constantly launch new products. At the same time, the domestic PTFE high frequency plate manufacturers Sheng Yi, Huazheng new material, Wang Ling, Guoneng, Fujitec, etc., such as the mushrooming of research and development of high frequency plate.

PTFE high frequency plate because of its need to meet the needs of high frequency communications, production and production process in addition to consider the dielectric properties of its materials, but also consider the material processability. Currently the largest amount of PTFE high frequency plate - polytetrafluoroethylene (Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE) high frequency plate, the English name is Teflon, the domestic translation for Teflon. It is very corrosion-resistant, is a commonly used engineering plastics with excellent performance, suitable for high-speed digital circuits, PTFE, high frequency, broadband and radio frequency (RF), is widely used in radio communications, military, commercial aviation and semiconductor testing instruments and other fields.

The main foreign suppliers of PTFE high frequency boards are Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, etc. The main domestic suppliers are Wangling, Zhongying, Huazheng, Fujitec, Guoneng, etc. Due to the softer PTFE plate, coupled with glass cloth enhancers and ceramic fillers, for glass cloth cutting can not be compared with FR4, in the drilling process, often phi, burr, etc., prone to glass cloth cut constantly or tangled knife, pulling force caused by the plate structure of the loose whitening, poor drilling quality and so on, leading to hollows in the holes after the metallization, copper tumors.


B. PTFE High frequency Plate Drilling Process is Briefly Introduced:

Xinchenger briefly introduce the quality requirements of PTFE high frequency plate drilling process control, and then understand the PTFE high frequency plate process of drilling process control issues.

  1. a, Hole wall roughness ≤ 40um;
  2. b, No burr in the hole, no phillips at the mouth of the hole;
  3. c, Hole whitening area from the edge of the hole ≤ 2.0mm;
  4. d, No deformation of the hole, hole type is normal;
  5. e, After plating the hole wall without plating tumor or plating tumor does not affect the performance of the printing plate.

The high frequency board on the surface roughness of the copper foil requirements are quite strict, do not allow drilling surface burrs, phi and other issues. At the same time, because the PTFE resin is soft, when drilling the plate deformation will cause the glass cloth to cut without breaking and pulling force caused by too large a sheet of loose white. Therefore, the drilling of thick aluminum, high-density pads to prevent burrs, Phi Phong, whitening and other problems.

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