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Classification and Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Foil in PCB Circuit Boards

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Copper foil is an anionic electrolytic material, precipitated on the circuit board substrate layer of a thin, continuous layer of metal foil, which serves as a conductor of electricity for the PCB, easily bonded to the insulating layer, accepting the printing of the protective layer, and corroded to form the circuit pattern.

According to the production process copper foil can be divided into:

A. Electrolytic Copper Foil

Electrolytic copper foil is copper-clad laminate (CCL) and printed circuit board (PCB), lithium-ion battery manufacturing important materials. In today's rapid development of electronic information industry, electrolytic copper foil is known as the signal and power transmission of electronic products, communication, "neural network".

Advantages: Affordable price; available in various sizes and thicknesses;

Disadvantages: Poor ductility; very high stress and easy to bend and break.

B. Calendered Copper Foil

Rolled-wrought copper foil is a product made by repeated rolling and annealing of high-precision copper strips (thickness usually less than 150 microns) using the plasticity processing principle (thickness usually between 4-100 microns, width usually less than 800 mm), whose ductility, resistance to bending and electrical conductivity are superior to that of electrolytic copper foil, and whose copper purity is also higher than that of electrolytic copper foil.

Advantages: High ductility, excellent reliability for FPC use in dynamic environments; low surface ridge, favorable for Microwave electronic applications;

Disadvantages: Poor adhesion to the substrate; high cost; limited width due to technical problems.


C. According to The Performance of Copper Foil Can Be Divided Into:

  1. a, High-temperature elongation copper foil;
  2. b, Copper foil with reverse side treatment copper foil with double side treatment;
  3. c, Ultra-thin copper foil with ultra-low rhombic line;
  4. d, Standard Electrolytic Copper Foil.

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