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8 reasons to choose Xinchenger

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Xinchenger has more than fifteen years of mass-production circuit board services, with a strong and robust PCBA supply chain. We can process and customize all kinds of PCB/PCBA for you. At the same time, we have an experienced team to assist our customers to optimize their PCB design requirements, select the most suitable boards and processes to reduce your costs, and provide high quality testing services to achieve rapid mass production.

A. Competitive Price

We have over fifteen years of production experience in medium and small volume production and complete supply chain. We can guarantee the quality of your circuit boards at a price far below the market and solve all your needs in one stop.

B. Complete Supply Chain Strength

With an excellent PCBA supply chain, they can help us obtain and continuously complete the materials and surface treatment processes required for processing, while strictly controlling the cost of each product within an affordable range, effectively reducing your project costs.

C. Wide Range of Sheet Materials are Available

We have a number of excellent high-quality, high-frequency board suppliers, fully capable of meeting the needs of various industries circuit boards, high-frequency boards, microwave radio-frequency boards, is your best choice for the strength of the factory.

D. Strong Process Capability

With advanced mass production equipment and professional engineers and technicians, our mass manufacturing service surpasses the competitors in the same industry and meets your difficult PCB and PCBA needs.


E. Superior Technology and Equipment

With advanced mass-production manufacturing equipment and robust testing facilities, we are constantly innovating and developing advanced technologies to improve all aspects of our manufacturing operations, enabling us to be the best in the industry.

F. Consistently High Quality

We use high quality material inputs and maintain a high level of pc process stability, going through layers of manual inspection and automated equipment testing to ensure a high quality output for each PCB and PCBA.

D. 24/7 Engineering Support

Our team of engineering experts with over 10+ years of experience is always ready to provide professional optimization suggestions recommendations for your orders, improvements and processes.

E. Fast Delivery Cycle

Our state-of-the-art mass production equipment and experienced team can help us meet and exceed your lead time and quantity expectations to ensure we deliver on time.

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