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What are Hard Metal Circuit Boards and Multilayer Circuit Boards?

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Rigid metal circuit boards are circuit boards made of metal materials and are usually used in harsh environments where high temperatures and pressure are required. Because the material is hard, stable, and resistant to deformation, it has high mechanical strength and durability, and is suitable for the manufacture of electronic devices that need to withstand high pressure and high temperatures.

Multilayer circuit boards are circuit boards in which multiple conductive layers are stacked together and electrically connected through vertical vias. This type of board has a high level of integration and signal transmission capability, and can be used for requirements such as high-speed signal transmission and high-density assembly. Compared to single- and double-sided boards, multilayer circuit boards have more wiring space, which reduces signal interference and electromagnetic radiation and improves circuit performance and stability.

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There are significant differences between hard metal circuit boards and multilayer circuit boards in terms of materials, fabrication processes and application scenarios.

First of all, hard metal circuit boards are made of metal materials, usually with high mechanical strength and durability, and can withstand harsh environments such as high temperatures and pressure. Multilayer circuit boards, on the other hand, are made by stacking multiple conductive layers together to realize electrical connections through vertical vias.

Second, there are also differences in fabrication processes. Hard metal circuit boards are usually made by metal deposition, photolithography, etching and other processes, while the multilayer circuit boards need to go through the inner layer of the line production, through-hole production and the outer layer of the line production and other complex processes.

Finally, the application scenarios of the two are also different. Rigid-metal circuit boards are mainly used in harsh environments that require high temperatures and pressure, such as aerospace and automotive electronics. Multilayer circuit boards are mainly used for high integration, high-speed signal transmission and high-density assembly requirements of the occasion, such as computers, communications equipment, consumer electronics and other fields.

In short, hard metal circuit boards and multilayer circuit boards have significant differences in materials, production processes and application scenarios, etc., and you need to choose the right type of circuit board for your specific application needs.

Carbide round rods, circuit board processing microdrill round rods, etc. are used for PCB processing tools, while the multilayer board is a multi-layer alignment layer, between every two layers is a dielectric layer, the dielectric layer can be made very thin. Multilayer circuit boards have at least three conductive layers, two of which are on the outer surface, while the remaining layer is synthesized within an insulating board. Electrical connections between them are usually made through plated-through holes in the cross-section of the board.

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