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HDI Blind Buried Vias Semiconductor PCB

Layer: 4L

Material: S1000-2M

Plate Thickness: 2.2.0mm+0.15mm

Copper Thickness: 10Z

Surface Finish: Immersion Gold 2.5u"

Outer Layer Line width/line spacing:75um/75um

Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.2mm


PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing, through-hole, blind holes and buried holes are commonly used types of holes they have different definitions and characteristics, the following is the difference between them:

Through-hole: Through-holes are holes that pass from one side of the board to the other. They can run completely through the entire board and can be soldered through pins, sockets or other components. Through-holes are often used to connect different levels of circuitry, providing electrical connections and mechanical support.

HDI Blind Buried Vias Semiconductor PCB

Blind Via : Blind via are holes that enter the board on one side only and do not penetrate the entire board thickness. They are used to connect circuits between surface and internal layers. Blind via allow component soldering by surface assembly techniques, but cannot be connected to the other side of the board by means of through holes.

Buried Via: Buried via are holes that are located completely inside the board and neither enter or exit from one side nor penetrate the entire board thickness. Buried via are used to connect circuits between internal layers without affecting the external surface. Buried via are not visible and can only be observed in a cross-section of the board or using special inspection methods such as X-rays.


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