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AI Intelligent Products High Frequency PCB

Line Width : 4MIL ;

Line Spacing : 3.5MIL ;

Drilling Diameter : =0.3mm ;

Processing Size : 300 * 500mm;

Plate Thickness : 3.5mm ;

Layers : 10 layers;

Special Process : Thick gold plate, ultra thick plate, depth control drilling, back drilling, hole filling electroplating, copper slurry plug hole, mechanical blind hole, etc.

Surface Treatment Processes : Include OSP, gold precipitation, silver precipitation, tin precipitation, gold plating, pure gold plating, thick gold plating, nickel palladium gold plating, nickel plating, tin plating, tin spraying, etc.


With the arrival of the AI intelligent era, more and more communication class / filter / medical / university / military and other products have to use PCB high-frequency board, then many R & D engineers in the design of PCB high-frequency board at the same time, must want to as soon as possible to be able to their own research and development design of the PCB high-frequency board samples to be made out of the high-frequency circuit boards to find a sampling to look for which manufacturers will be better?

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First of all this PCB high-frequency board sampling manufacturers must have professional production equipment, the second to have many years of production experience, the third to be able to fast and punctual, the fourth on the choice of high-frequency board materials and the entire process to be very familiar with, so choose a suitable PCB high-frequency board manufacturers, in order to be able to help R & D personnel to complete their own design to the finished product as soon as possible, Xinchenger Electronics is mainly engaged in high-frequency microwave RF induction printed circuit boards and double-sided multilayer circuit boards, fast samples and small and medium batch production services. Products mainly include: microwave RF high frequency board, Rogers / Rogers high frequency board, ARLON high frequency board, special circuit boards, the power divider, coupler, combiner, amplifier, dry amplifier, base station, RF antenna, 4G antenna used in high frequency circuit boards have professional production experience. So it is very high frequency circuit board rapid prototyping production capacity, we 4 layer board expedited 48 hours to ship, 8 layer PCB high frequency board 72 hours to ship, so if you have a high-frequency board prototyping needs can find us.


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