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PCB Process Has Contains

1, Single panel process;

2, Double-sided panel spray tin plate process flow;

3, Double-sided board nickel gold-plated process;

4, Multilayer board spray tin plate process;

5, Multilayer plate nickel-plated gold process;

6, Multilayer plate immersion nickel gold plate process flow.

The most common are tin spraying and gold plating.

Tin spraying includes "leaded tin spraying" and "lead-free tin spraying". Lead-free spray tin is more environmentally friendly than leaded spray tin, but the processing cost is slightly more expensive.

Gold plating, also known as chemical gold plating, involves plating a thick layer of nickel on the surface of copper and then depositing a thin layer of chemical gold.

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Drilling Process in PCB Manufacturing Process

Drilling is a very important part of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing process. Drilling refers to drilling holes in the PCB board in order to mount components on the PCB board or connect the board to other boards or devices. The process flow and precautions for PCB drilling will be described below.

The process flow of PCB drilling includes several steps: drilling and positioning, drilling, deburring, and inspection.

First of all, the PCB board needs to be fixed on the drilling machine, and then drilling positioning. Drilling positioning is to place the PCB board on the drilling machine and determine the drilling position and hole diameter. After determining the drilling position and hole diameter, the drilling work can be carried out. The driller will drill the PCB according to the pre-set drill diameter and depth. During the drilling process, attention needs to be paid to the service life of the drill bit and drilling speed to ensure the quality and efficiency of drilling. After drilling is completed, deburring is required to prevent the generation of edges and burrs. Finally, inspection is required to ensure the quality and accuracy of drilling.

    When drilling PCB holes, the following aspects need to be noted:

    1. 1, The quality of the drill bit:the quality of the drill bit is an important factor in determining the quality of drilling. The drill bit needs to be characterized by high hardness, high wear resistance and high precision to ensure the quality and accuracy of drilling.
    2. 2, Drill diameter:the choice of drill diameter should be based on the requirements of the PCB board to determine. Drill diameter is too large or too small will affect the quality of drilling.
    3. 3, Drilling speed:drilling speed should be determined according to the material and thickness of the PCB board. Drilling speed is too fast or too slow will affect the quality of drilling.
    4. 4, Drilling position:the accuracy of the drilling position is critical to the performance and reliability of the PCB board. Therefore, before drilling, drilling location is required.
    5. 5, Drilling machine maintenance:drilling machine needs regular maintenance and repair to ensure drilling quality and efficiency.

PCB drilling is an integral part of PCB manufacturing. When drilling, you need to pay attention to the quality of the drill, drill diameter, drilling speed, drilling position and drilling machine maintenance and other factors. Only by paying attention to these factors can we ensure drilling quality and accuracy.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Machine Soldering Automation Inspection (18)

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Machine Soldering Automation Inspection (27)

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