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For PCB/PCBA turnkey assembly service, we turn your design to final finished PCBA product. You don’t need to find a PCB/PCBA manufacturing factory, source the parts from many different suppliers, and then  combine all the parts to PCB/PCBA assembly factory. Here we will support you all in one stop that is our PCB/PCBA turnkey assembly service. We will arrange the your PCB/PCBA manufacture together with parts sourcing, after all parts ready, PCB/PCBA assembly will continue, it save time & cost for you.
And throughout all the process, we have great quality assured team ensure quality each part of PCB/PCBA. Turnkey PCB/PCBA assembly service is good choice for small companies or anyone that want to save time and cost. Get cost-effective, efficient means of assembling PCB/PCBA Turnkey service, you could email us to with your Gerber & BOM for quote.


Tel.: +86 18822859305

Whatsapp: +86 13715293763

Address: Workshop 1-2F, Building 10, Lisheng Industrial Park, 30 Weiqiaotang Road, Fuyongtang, Bao'an District.


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