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Shenzhen Xinchenger Electronics Co., Ltd. is a one-stop solution strength factory for high-reliability PCB and PCBA, with rich experience from single-sided to complex multi-layer printed circuit boards and top-level assemblies (PCBA).

We have a wide range of domestic and imported HF plates: RogersTaconicIsolaF4B (Teflon), TP-2, FR4, etc. with dielectric constants ranging from 2.2-10.6. We can provide 24 hours fast sample service in time to win business opportunities for our customers. Meanwhile, our company has more than ten years of strong production experience, skillful craftsmanship, engineering technology and excellent service. We have the advantages of high quality, low cost and foreign information technology support.Long-term supply of high frequency PCB circuit boards, Rogers PCB high frequencyTaconic PCB high frequencyF4B/Teflon PCB high frequency, microwave RF boards, special circuit boards and so on. HF circuit boards, PCB high frequency boards, Suitable for data communication high frequency PCB.

Sectors involved 5G communication base station PCB high frequency, radar system high frequency PCB, automobile (new energy) system PCB high frequency, medical equipment high frequency board, military system high frequency PCB class, etc. and all kinds of electronic products. Please send the attachment of your requirements to will provide you with the most satisfactory service.Our acceptable drawing formats: CAD, 99sE, Gerber.

Our Mission: Customer satisfaction is our goal! Xinchenger PCB's mission is to provide our customers with high value, quality and guaranteed quality production services at the lowest prices and fastest turnaround times in a competitive market. Winning high praise from more customers with high-quality, fast delivery, high-quality after-sales service, and high-level professional ethics.

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