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5G Antenna RF Circuit Board

Line Width : 5MIL ;

Line Spacing : 4MIL ;

Drilling Diameter : =0.3mm ;

Processing Size : 800 * 600mm;

Plate Thickness : 3.5mm ;

Layers : 12 layers;

Special Process : Thick gold plate, ultra thick plate, depth control drilling, back drilling, hole filling electroplating, copper slurry plug hole, mechanical blind hole, etc.

Surface Treatment Processes : Include OSP, gold precipitation, silver precipitation, tin precipitation, gold plating, pure gold plating, thick gold plating, nickel palladium gold plating, nickel plating, tin plating, tin spraying, etc.


Rogers high frequency board is a special copper-clad board with high frequency microwave substrate, also called high frequency microwave printed board, further processing can be manufactured into high frequency PCB board. The use of Rogers high frequency materials to make into Rogers high frequency boards is widely used in communication base stations and antenna aerospace, with high demand and favorable market prospects.

As the world's leading supplier of PCB specialty boards, Rogers high frequency boards have a global market share of more than 50%, and have 20 years of industry experience in the base station antenna RF field. The company added a third R&D center in the United States, focusing on the layout of 5G product development, and has launched a high frequency board for 5G antenna radio frequency. With the expansion of 5G commercial scale, the company is about to usher in high performance elasticity.

The market realizes that 5G has a large demand for high frequency circuit boards, but does not understand that the greatest demand elasticity in the base station antenna with Rogers board. Due to 5G application band is higher than 4G, need to adapt to millimeter wave rogers board, and antenna development trend will shift to multi-receive multi-transmitter as well as miniaturization, antenna port number from the traditional 4 ports, 8 ports increased to 64 ports, 128 ports, antenna application rogers board demand dramatically increased.

5G Antenna RF Circuit Board (1)

After industry research, conservative estimate 5G antenna initialization material procurement cost is 3-4 times of 4G multi-mode antenna, Rogers board in the multi-receiving and multi-transmitting antenna in the use of the number of higher than the multi-mode antenna, so 5G base station antenna application of high frequency board market space at least expand 4~6 times. With the advent of 5G commercial era, Rogers high frequency board market prospect is broad.

In PCB proofing, Rogers high frequency board has a high technical threshold, downstream bargaining power is stronger, as Shenzhen Xin Cheng Er circuit company production of high-speed high frequency PCB proofing manufacturers, need to continuously improve the Rogers high frequency board production process capabilities, in order to keep up with the trend of market development, to meet the customer's multifaceted PCB proofing needs.


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